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REVOLT was a group that became famous for developing solutions that allowed cracked games to function online with other players, bypassing the original multiplayer restrictions. The group also made a name for itself by cracking games that used Denuvo DRM, a technology that was considered very hard to crack. The founder and leader of REVOLT was a young Bulgarian hacker who went by the online alias Voksi. However, in July 2018, the group's website suddenly started to redirect visitors to the official website of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior.[31] Around the same time, Voksi, who was then in his early twenties, revealed that he had been raided by Bulgarian authorities who acted on a complaint from Irdeto, the company that owned Denuvo. According to Voksi's statements to TorrentFreak, a media outlet that covers file-sharing and piracy news, he was confronted by "five or six officers, including two from Bulgaria's General Directorate for Combatting Organized Crime (GDBOB) and others from a local police station" who entered his home and confiscated his personal computers and devices.[32]

Voksi claimed that he had been cracking games as a hobby and as a way to protest against the anti-consumer practices of Denuvo and the game publishers who used it. He said that he did not make any money from his activities and that he only wanted to help gamers who could not afford or access the games legally. He also said that he had received a lot of support and gratitude from the gaming community for his work.[32]

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However, Irdeto accused Voksi of being part of an international organized crime network that caused millions of dollars in losses to the game industry. The company said that it had been working with law enforcement agencies across the globe to track down and prosecute the hackers who cracked Denuvo-protected games. The company also said that it was committed to protecting its customers and their intellectual property rights from piracy and cyberattacks.[33]

The raid on Voksi effectively ended the operations of REVOLT and left a void in the scene of Denuvo cracking. Many gamers expressed their disappointment and anger at the situation and blamed Denuvo and Irdeto for ruining Voksi's life. Some also speculated that Voksi might face serious legal consequences for his actions. However, Voksi said that he was not arrested or charged with anything and that he was cooperating with the authorities. He also thanked his fans and supporters for their encouragement and solidarity.[32] 29c81ba772


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