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Assassin 039;s Creed Unity Save Game Fix __LINK__ Crack


Assassin 039;s Creed Unity Save Game Fix __LINK__ Crack

I have a similar question.Now playing at the crack of SKIDROW,played for 11 hours.If I then demolished the pirates and put a license saves left In the Brotherhood remained,but she on the other was broken, there even the launcher Ubisoftas appeared at start-up and achievements were written,are not counted,but were written after I put the license all at once credited and saves were in place. And where are the saves

So, empirically found out that the saves are in the folder orbit in a sub 40. Next - if you delete the installer asks whether to keep saving. So I think people, like me, who decided to deal with the single to the coveted multiplayer key, can safely through the game.

For XP License: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local SettingsApplication Data\Ubisoft Game Launchersavegame_storage\ZGVtb25ha29y\40 Pirates: D:\Ubisoft\Assassin's Creed Revelations\orbit\40 With pirates on litsuhu not move. Who wants to buy the license worked save - change the Repack to the original, and run offline.

guys, tell me-was 20 percent of the games today include sync 0 percent ,i.e., from the beginning you have to start where the saves could goOr I accidentally file some deletedThanks in advance,if prompt.

somebody skinte save all of the passed sequence is NOT cracked SKIDROW game.He was a crack but can't walk the journey of Desmond because of the crack.Now have the game without crack and my save is not going to go zanogo do not want.

Man of Action do not try to throw them they will not work,and the path is:C:Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local SettingsApplication Data\Ubisoft Game Launchersavegame_storage\ZGVtb25ha29y

Guys, I found a solution. Previous methods in this thread did not help me. So I played litsuhu with cracked Uplay. Did everything as it should be, ie, turned Uplay in offline and turned off syncing in the cloud. Passed 70% and the saves were Phaselis. What, I ask, the fuck I even disabled the Internet just in case! Anyway, enough lyrical digressions. Do the following: 1) Copy to any place in the saves folder C:Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launchersavegames or C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Ubisoft Game Launcher/savegame_storage/c2tpZHJvdw==/53/ I recommend to copy the saves twice, because it changes the original file and creates a copy. 2) Download the program"AC3SaveGameToolbyBrucie (c kis2011 latest bases, viruses did not find) -run the program -click encrypt and select the desired crack(what you plan to put, I put reloaded) -select the file your saved. 3) Put the crack Theta or Reloaded. 4) Create a new profile, we reach the first checkpoint and close the game. 5) Open the folder: for THETA - C:/Users/ user/AppData/Roaming/Theta/Orbit/103/ for RELOADED C:/ProgramData/Orbit/54/ Model new save game on an old, converted in the program. The names of the saves should be the same.

Pawson, here is a working link to the program AC3SaveGameToolbyBrucie! I was quite desperate, but it helped me! Litsuhe! This was oplavsky crack. Just before making the encrypt decrypt it is better to make the saves, which is going to use. And if you put on litsuhu encryptie using the key that activated the game on your uplay account.

All kind time of day. A lot of reading on the forums about how to reinvigorate saving, but nothing happened. Then I started trying different options myself and mastered. Here's what I did to get the save to work: 1. Downloaded the software FAR manager 2. With the help of this program has set the creation time and modification times of the file according to the time shown in the game window, where it says that the file is corrupted. 3. Asked the same time and date in the save file.ini in the folder with the saves. From this file, deleted all entries about the saves, except the first The preservation work. PS was Originally saving it under Theta. recode them in Reloaded, which is set when yo


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