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even more, i decided that the most convenient thing to do would be to go to brazil and do it there, since this type of system was in general already there and the hardware and software was cheap. so, i went to brazil and i chose rio claro, the best possible place to do the job, in the south of the country, because the high tech market and the people who work there are great at hacking stuff. given that the system was fairly expensive, i asked an engineer at eletronics and the company agreed to lend me the $2,000 needed to buy the needed hardware and software.

this all happened in 2001. at that time i didn't know any other person who could help me, but i found somebody who was interested in this kind of thing, since he himself had hacked a satellite- a-service (sat) -like system at the university of brasilia years ago.

as soon as i finished all the calculations and the stuff, i produced three different plans and tested all of them to see which one worked. i didn't publish the software, since it was kind of advanced and i was "amazed" that it worked so well.

i had to perform a lot of hacking and the "programmer-friendly" approach, that was taken into account when we designed the software, is what made it possible for the guys to actually understand how it worked and what they needed to do to be successful. this procedure saved time in a lot of cases.

in 2004, i felt sure that i could get a lot of information from the linux+pc-basic-java developers regarding the best approach to use to generate the keys. their old disk was filled with applications where, every time the key was needed, an "autoloader" wrote it in a "burner" file, that would be loaded when the disk was loaded. 3d9ccd7d82


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