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In this section, we will look at common password cracking techniques. Some of these techniques may overlap in tools and methodologies. Attackers often blend multiple, complimentary tactics to improve their chances of success.

Credential stuffing attacks do not attempt to brute force or guess any passwords. The threat actor automates authentication based on previously discovered credentials using customized tools. This approach can entail launching millions of attempts to determine where a user potentially reused their credentials on another website or application.

Some password cracking techniques rely on system vulnerabilities or gaining access to a privileged account to achieve lateral movement and amass other passwords. However, most cracking relies on inadequate password hygiene and absence of appropriate credential management tools.

5. Use Unique Passwords Without Repeating: This simple best practice protects against a broad array of password re-use strategies and password cracking tools. Otherwise, if one account is breached, other accounts with the same credentials can easily be compromised.

7. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication: For sensitive accounts and vendor/remote access, single-factor authentication (password/username pair) is insufficient. Adding additional authentication factors greatly increases protection and increases assurance that the identity trying to initiate access is who they say they are. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), by incorporating factors such as endpoint or biometrics, protects accounts against password cracking tools and guessing attacks.

On average, attackers are seeing up to a 2% success rate for gaining access to these accounts simply due to password reuse. This may sound like a relatively insignificant proportion, but it equivocates to billions of dollars worldwide in automated fraud losses.

3. The attacker uses automated credential stuffing tools, sometimes via botnets, to test the stolen credentials against many other sites (to name a few: social media sites, retail organizations, loyalty programs).

Hardware technology: Both the endpoints that use the WiFi and the WiFi router have become advanced. Routers used to come with a single antenna having a small signal range. Now the routers have a bigger range, better signal strength, and multiple antennas pointed in multiple directions so as to kill the blind spots.

Hacking/attacking unauthorized wireless networks is illegal. The article does not encourage the use of the aforementioned tools for a criminal purpose. These tools are to be used only for educational purposes and to try on your own devices or network. Things are not going to be straightforward; wireless hacking is not as easy as shown in hacking movies. To protect yourself from hacker attacks, we advise everyone to use VPN Google extension or VPN for the Desktop version. VPN hides your IP address and geolocation. VPN tool makes it impossible to hack your device and steal your personal data.

Due to the increasing usage of wireless networks, wireless attacks are rising at an exponential pace. Wifi networks are commonly vulnerable to hacking as wireless signals can be picked up and exploited anywhere and by anyone.

WPA and WPA2: WPA was introduced as a temporary solution for the devices that did not support WPA2. WPA has now been broken and depreciated. The WPA2 is considered to be the most secure to date. The tools discussed further in the article will also cover details on how to attack WPA and WPA2 but the success of an attack depends on the time and the computing power.

WPS cracking: This technology uses an 8 digit pin to connect to the wireless router. Brute forcing the 8 digit pin will give access to the router. Various tools use various optimization techniques to increase the speed of this attack and crack the key in a couple of hours.

Wireless hacking tools are the software programs specifically designed to hack wireless networks by either leveraging dictionary at


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