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The White-tailed deer is the number one game animal hunted in Alabama. Approximately 180,000 deer hunters account for more than 4 million man-days of hunting activity annually and have a significant impact on the local economy of rural Alabama. The harvest varies from year to year but hunters typically harvest in excess of 300,000 deer annually.

Deer Hunter 2005 Download Free Full 16

A major strength of this study design was that by using the hunter-harvest CWD negative samples, we were able to sample a larger geographical area in a county compared to just using samples from the localized culling program in Illinois where the samples come from a localized and focal area where CWD has been detected [45]. We believe this approach allowed for a more accurate representation of the county-level white-tailed PRNP frequencies. Lastly, the study design allowed us to investigate frequencies at the gene, protein, and individual deer level using two published primer sets to account for potential allelic dropout [14, 27]. Understanding the frequency of protective alleles in a population is an important aspect of understanding the potential for a CWD outbreak, but it is also important to understand the distribution of those alleles across individuals.


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