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San Paolo fuori le Mura is a heavily restored 4th century Major basilica and papal basilica dedicated to St Paul and containing his shrine. The postal address is Via Ostiense 184, in the Ostiense quarter.


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The first church here was, according to the Liber Pontificalis, built by Emperor Constantine and consecrated on 18 November 324. It was a small edifice, built either over the actual tomb of St Paul or his shrine -which is unclear, but the former is more likely. This is because the church was awkwardly fitted in between two ancient roads, the Via Laurentina and the Via Ostiensis, the junction of which used to be just to the north. (The modern junction is to the south). Also, there are good indications that early Christians at Rome were very reluctant to move the entombed remains of venerated people (the major problem of SS Peter and Paul at San Sebastiano fuori le Mura notwithstanding). 041b061a72


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