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Enrique Delgadillo: A Poet of Love and Life

Enrique Delgadillo is a Mexican poet who has published several books of poetry, such as CorazÃn que teatral, CÃmo avanzar no muy lejos de la hoguera, and Vida. His poems explore themes of love, death, memory, and identity, with a lyrical and expressive style. He has been recognized as one of the most important contemporary poets in Mexico and Latin America.

In this article, we will review some of his most notable works and analyze his poetic vision. We will also provide a link to download his book Enrique Delgadillo Libro.pdf, which contains a selection of his poems in PDF format.

CorazÃn que teatral (Theatrical Heart)

This is Delgadillo's first book of poetry, published in 1987. It contains 64 poems that reflect his personal experiences and emotions, as well as his social and political views. The poems are divided into four sections: El corazÃn que teatral (The Theatrical Heart), La noche de los espejos (The Night of Mirrors), El fuego y la ceniza (The Fire and the Ash), and La palabra y el silencio (The Word and the Silence).

The title of the book suggests that the poet's heart is a stage where different characters and situations are performed. The poems are full of metaphors, symbols, and images that create a vivid and dramatic atmosphere. The poet expresses his feelings of love, pain, loneliness, nostalgia, and hope, as well as his critique of the social injustices and violence that affect his country. Some of the poems are dedicated to his friends, family, and lovers, while others are inspired by historical figures or events.

One of the most famous poems in this book is CanciÃn para un amor imposible (Song for an Impossible Love), which reads:

No te quiero por tu boca

ni por tus ojos de luna

ni por tu piel de canela

ni por tu voz de guitarra

Te quiero porque eres tú

y porque yo soy yo mismo

y porque juntos somos

un sueÃo que no se cumple

No te quiero por tu risa

ni por tu llanto de niÃa

ni por tu pelo de trigo

ni por tu aroma de rosa

Te quiero porque eres tú

y porque yo soy yo mismo

y porque juntos somos

un imposible que existe

The poem expresses the poet's love for someone who is unreachable or forbidden, but who still exists in his imagination. The poem uses repetition and contrast to emphasize the difference between the physical attributes and the essence of the beloved person. The poet does not love the person for their appearance or their actions, but for their identity and their connection. The poem also conveys a sense of sadness and resignation, as the poet knows that their love is a dream that will never come true.

CÃmo avanzar no muy lejos de la hoguera (How to Move Forward Not Far from the Bonfire)

This is Delgadillo's second book of poetry, published in 1992. It contains 126 poems that explore the themes of death, memory, and identity. The poems are divided into six sections: CÃmo avanzar no muy lejos de la hoguera (How to Move Forward Not Far from the Bonfire), El tiempo y la memoria (Time and Memory), Los nombres del olvido (The Names of Oblivion), Los rostros del espejo (The Faces of the Mirror), Los caminos del regreso (The Paths of Return), and 9160f4acd4


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