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Complete Shibari Land Pdf ##TOP##

Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land explores the essential ground-based ties and forms of shibari. With short, clear explanations and over 440 lavish, step-by-step illustrations and photographs, Douglas Kent introduces the basic "building blocks," then guides you in applying those basics to create a full range of beautiful and exciting ground-based shibari ties.

Complete Shibari Land Pdf

This is not a "knot book" - if you can tie an overhand knot, you already know half the knots you'll ever need. This practical, hands-on guide to doing shibari covers everything from choosing and preparing rope, to scene safety, to the techniques... and the reasoning behind the techniques.

In addition to books in Finnish, we also publish English-language architectural books for international markets. Rakennustieto is a unique publishing house, as it is the only Finnish publisher and worldwide distributor in the field of architecture. We want to spread information about our books on architecture, Finnish architects and Finnish design among readers worldwide. Alvar Aalto, indisputably Finland's best-known architect, inspires both writers and readers. This interest is reflected in our production, although contemporary Finnish architecture has an impressive forum as well


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