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Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform In The 21st-Century Church Downloads Torrent 1

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Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform In The 21st-Century Church Downloads Torrent 1

I so agree with you, Stella! The last few years took me into a deeper place with God by learning to listen and TRUST the Spirit of God within me! He began to show me things that my "Christian box" would deem blasphemous. But the unconditional LOVE of God began to reveal to me the exact things that Richard Rohr is expressing. God only becomes bigger when this realization arises. And FEAR loses its hold. I started watching a lot of Near Death Experience videos and realized Christians and atheists were experiencing the same story, both surrounded by LOVE, not judgment. None of them wanted to return here. And none of the atheists who returned ran to Christianity. They came back to earth with a new understanding of God and their lives were changed by the encounter with the God of LOVE. But they did not feel a need to find Jesus in Christianity.I find that my story is a bit unique as I departed from my 50 years of evangelical belief structures. I was a teacher of the "Word" for many years. But experiencing the God Source of unconditional love removed all fear from my life. The verse Perfect love casts out all fear, for fear has to do with punishment... from I John rang so true to my soul! I didn't fear being led astray but began believing that "NOTHING can separate me from God"! (Romans) I love Psalm 139, "where can I go from your Spirit"! Hallelujah, nowhere! For God is in all and runs through the fabric of all! But many Christians would say I have been deceived and led astray. To me, that is contradictory to your claims and Scriptures. God has me! It was my deep time with Him that led me this way! Was it my great search for God and willingness to pray that led me down the wrong path Geez! That's wouldn't be a very nice God, now would it What Father would lead His child astray as she sat at His feet and asked for guidance Actually the Gospels even say, that if we know how to give good gifts to our children, how much MORE our Heavenly Father will give to us, specifically of the Spirit! Jesus described the LIving Water as bubbling from within. NOT as a BOOK that STILL, after 2000 years, has not reached every nation. Generations of people have been dying and going to hell because they never got the book! What a loving God!! NO, the God I know is FAR GREATER than the historic 66 books that were deemed "The Bible" all those years ago. Think of all the others that were kicked out because they didn't fit the box of the assembly! But evangelicals have been taught to not use any thinking, and rather TRUST Sovereignty! "God wrote that book. It is His word. And HE put it together!" No! Man did that. And we can learn from their views as they, like all of humanity, have tried to understand God. I don't throw out the Bible, but I view it for what it really is. And I have realized that the doctrines that the church teach are not the things that Jesus taught. Christians INTERPRET Jesus's words based on their stated doctrines. Religion is man-made. All of them. God is still God. And until we reach the end of this life, NO ONE will have all the answers. Sadly, Christianity, though no longer violent through the killing of others physically, can be very violent verbally and emotionally to anyone who opposes their views. They do it to one another, which is one of the things that began my "deconstruction" process. The American Gospel videos are a clear example. Blessings and love to all as you as you seek and desire to know the "God-Source"! No one on this page would likely even be here if your heart wasn't looking for God! May the Living Spirit reveal to you one step at a time exactly what you need to see right where you are! You are fully loved, fully accepted, and fully embraced right where you are!!

We need more people like Richard Rohr who seek to follow Jesus, rather than use the Bible as a weapon to separate people from the Kingdom.At best the conserv


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