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Buy Whole Cow Grass Fed

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The cost for a whole cow is approximately $7.50/lb including processing. This cost covers the cost of processing. While this is quite a bit more expensive than some beef purchased at the grocery store, the price per lb of protein is very competitive (with grassfed beef you are getting a higher protein product). Think of it this way: with grass fed, grass finished beef, most of the excess fat is cut out before you get it.

With your live animal purchase, we arrange the slaughter or harvest of the animal on our Trabuco Ranch, transportation to a local family butcher for processing, and communicate with the butcher on your behalf. Your meat will be hung and dry-aged for 25-28 days to allow natural enzymes to tenderize and enhance the flavor. Our local butcher will then call you and provide you with options for meat cuts (quantity of steaks, hamburger etc.). Your meat will then be custom cut and wrapped to your order. Once your meat is chilled, it is ready for you to pick up in Chino, CA. We can't ship whole/half cow orders as they are live animal purchases and not USDA processed.

The purchase dates we provide are an estimate and the actual time you will receive your meat may vary by a month or more. We process our animals when they have gained adequate weight and are fat enough. Weight gain and fat gain can be affected by climate and the amount of green grass available. During longer hot seasons, the cattle do not eat as much and gain less. This can extend the amount of time to get your whole/half cow ready. We never supplement with any grains to speed up this process and instead rely only on nature. Should you have any questions about the date you will receive your whole/half cow, we are always available to provide you with updates.

A deposit of $750 for a half cow and $1500 for a whole animal. The balance of the live animal purchase is due once the animal is slaughtered. You'll pay the butcher separately for the aging, cutting, wrapping, and freezing when you pick up your meat. Please note: this is a live animal purchase, non USDA processed, and can't be shipped.

We ordered a half-cow and were THRILLED with our purchase! Not only do we love supporting local ranchers, but the meat is high-quality, organic, grass-fed, and delicious! My (keto) heart is very happy and our freezer is full! We will definitely be back.

Your Price for ground beef is based on the NET WEIGHT. You can buy this 100% grass fed ground beef by the pound in 1 pound increments. This is a very affordable option for high quality Ground Beef. Check out below or call Monica at (814) 498-2813 with any questions or to place your order. We usually slaughter in Early Summer and Late Fall, therefore our Grassfed beef is limited so please place you order early.

We offer meat-shares where you can buy a whole, half, or quarter cow or pig- or, you can buy a box of burgers, a sample of our beef- or, maybe you just want some ground beef. Our meat is as fresh as it gets! If you want something you do not see, reach out!

Our 100% grass-fed beef is filled with flavor! Order a beef-share today and experience what it is like to order direct from the farm! The meat is like no other! You will work directly with our butcher and decide on the exact cuts you would like.

Order yourself a box of premium, high quality grass-fed, grass-finished organ meats. These organ meats are loaded with nutrients and are one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins for the body.

It all starts with 100% grass fed beef ,which we are proud to source from small family farms who raise their animals without any added hormones and antibiotics. Get the best price by bulk buying an entire cow!A Grass Fed Cow, can be packed down into 10 x packages containing the following:

The meat itself is excellent, great fat content for grass fed beef and the flavor is among the best I've had. The breakdown of the quarter beef package is anatomically appropriate too, you're getting all the steak content yo


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