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Fallout 4 Breathing Mask Mod

The S10 CBRN Respirator is a military gas mask that was formerly used within all branches of the British Armed Forces. Following the mask's replacement by the General Service Respirator in 2011, the S10 is now widely available to the public on the army surplus market.

fallout 4 breathing mask mod

The mask includes a fail-safe drinking device, a Secondary Speech Transmitter (SST) on the side[4] which a Clansman radio system microphone can be clipped to, and corrective lenses can be fitted to the eyepieces. The mask also contains an inner oro-nasal mask to decrease fogging on the lenses. This mask is fitted with optical insert hooks, and therefore can be used by soldiers who wear glasses.

A popular form of the Faceless Goons, achieved by taking your enemy Mooks and giving them all gas masks. Note that this almost always occurs in situations where the goggles and gas masks serve no real practical purpose, as chemical weapons aren't even a factor in whatever conflict is involved.note With how much they restrict both your breathing and vision when actually worn, few people would ever want to wear one without being in a situation making it necessary.

In situations (especially video games) where the majority of Mooks are not Faceless Goons, gas masks are often the mark of Elite Mooks. Despite the prevalence of gas masks amongst the enemy forces, it never seems to occur to them to use chemical weapons against the heroes. This is even though 1) being evil, they presumably have no qualms against doing so and 2) the heroes typically are wearing nothing except civilian clothes and a smile. If they're lucky.

Subtrope of Faceless Goons and Mooks. May or may not be a marker of Elite Mooks. Often crosses over with Radio Voice and Doom Troops. If gas masks aren't exclusive to Mooks, you may be looking at Post-Apocalyptic Gas Mask.

A new mod for Fallout 4 features the dark one himself, Darth Vader. The mod isn't just a simple mesh swap with a lot of wonky animations and stiff clothing effects. This is a proper swap with Havok physics for his cape, breathing effects for his helmet, and even his trademark one-handed lightsaber stance.

IGN added the mod to their weekly collage, highlighting the inventive conversion from Skyrim to Fallout 4. Over on Nexus Mods user invalidfate received permission from a popular Skyrim modder named shigen, to port over the Darth Vader model. But he didn't stop there, he also attached the proper breathing sound effects to a cursed helmet in the game so that Vader sounds slightly closer to his movie counterpart. You can see how it looks in action with the teaser video below from YouTuber bloodironzero.

I'm mostly impressed with the model import of Darth Vader. His walk, his cape and the voice modulation with the breathing effect is all pretty cool. It won't be long before we start seeing some really good Fallout 4 machinima featuring Star Wars characters and other popular icons from other media.

Most of the six operators who wear gas masks wear balaclavas or hoods. The cloth of a hood or balaclava would allow air to pass through and render the seal useless. These operators include Thatcher, Mute, and Lion.

Smoke's gas mask is the only gas mask that prevents against taking damage from his toxic gas, although this is probably for gameplay reasons. His gas mask is a modified Avon FM12 connected to a PAPR on his back.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, a World War is waged between the American and Russian military, Russian forces use chemical and biological attacks, a large amount of the troops are wearing gas masks (oddly enough, not many are wearing MOPP gear) including the Avon S10, US M50, GP5 and the PMK-2.

The mask represents the mistrust that Simon, the psychotic main character of the game, has towards his psychiatrist doctor Purnell. Furthermore, the doctor wears a gas mask to make the player think that an outbreak or a plague is happening.

The mask can also be worn by the player and used as a nightvision in the doctor mode (a short mission in which the player is in the doctor's role; available after the first completion of the game) and in the single player (after beating the doctor mode).

There are 3 different gas masks in Nether with many different colours. The first gas mask appears to be a mix of a 4A1 and a GP-5, with 2 different colours. The black one with a green filter is called "Standard Issue", and the white one with a gold filter is called "Golden Breather". There is also a riot variant which comes with a riot helmet. This is quite unusual as the game is based in Chicago, and neither a 4A1 or GP-5 would be issued in the area. The second gas mask appears to be for hazardous operations, but is completely generic. It has different colours, each with different names. The third and final gas mask is a half-face gas mask called "Street Painter", which doesn't really resemble any real gas mask.

The Pyro's standard gas mask is completely fictional, however, it does very slightly resemble a combination of a black Soviet GP5 in design and a British S10 in respiratory features such as filter input and speaker diaphragm/exhale valve. The Pyro also has different gas masks that are available to wear.

The Foster's Facade in Team Fortress 2 very clearly resembles that of a white GP-5, a gas mask also worn by Mr Foster in Killing Floor. It was a promotional item for the game if you bought Killing Floor before December 14, 2010.

The British Civilian Duty respirator was a rather strange addition to the game, since it doesn't really fit the time (Russia got destroyed in 2013), considering that the mask was present in the build up to and during the Second world war.

Both games feature art where characters wear current-issue gas masks such as the S10 and the PMK-1. Although the games use the PPM-88 as the primary gas mask in the game, the advertisements and art used gas masks that are period-accurate, which is unusual, since the Metro games seems to prefer gas masks which are rare, out of date and out of place (except for the PPM-88). As of May 2014, It is still unclear if the gas masks used in the art are going to be found and be useable in-game.

The Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchises feature the heavy use of gas masks in the games. In Metro, the gas masks are destructable and have to be replaced if they are damaged by enemy attacks. Filters also run out depending on the game difficulty chosen, can have a life of 1 minute per canister up to 5 for easy difficulty.

Killing Floor 2 makes use of a handful of gas masks and even protective suits. The GP-5 donned by the characters Mr. and Mrs. Foster is certainly one of the more accurate portrayals of a gas mask in a game, even going as far as muffling their speech.

The most commonly seen uses of these Gas Masks on the Combine take the form of the combine police (known as "Civil Protection") and their soldiers (Known, unsurprisingly, as "Combine Soldiers")These masks are based on the Soviet PMG gas mask, Which was used in the Cold War in the 70s.

While technically not incorrect, Hunk's mask appears to have a VPU (Voice Projection Unit) on the front of his mask (like on most masks that use a side mounted filter, more so the SF10) the mask itself appears to have a facepiece akin to that of the Israeli 4A1 mask, but has very similar lenses to the Avon FM12. The VPU resembles the voice diaphragm of a MK II Lightweight Respirator.

All of the filter being used with gas masks either have traits that make them fictitious or are not the filter that was commonly issued with the mask, aside from the MP-6. The MP-6 includes an FP-5 filter with a custom print featured on the filter.

Overall, the masks are very accurate to their real-life counterparts. They serve as in-game cosmetics, which can be bought using non-premium currency, and can be found while customizing the face wear of the player. They serve no function in-game to the player and are purely for-show.

Gas masks feature prominently in Battlefield 1, as poison gas is now a weapon. In exchange for immunity to gas, the player's peripheral vision is limited, hearing becomes muddled (which is rather unrealistic as most of the masks do not cover the ears), and they are unable to utilize their weapon's iron sights. This limits the gassed players' engagement ranges and allows the powerful CQC Assault class to close in on enemies who would otherwise gun them down from a safe distance. The exception to this is the Tank Hunter, who wears a unique gas mask that provides protection without any drawbacks.

The Allied Powers and the Red Army use the Mk IV General Service Respirator. Its use is anachronistic as it was not introduced until the late 1920s. Additionally, it is missing the hose that connects the mask to the filter and as such should not be functional.

The M50 gas mask is one of the best protective masks on the market for chemical, biological, and radiological personal defense. The lens was designed with almost every military task in mind, which give it a great field of vision. The chlorobutyl rubber silicone mask is one of the best protective skins used on gas masks to date. The head harness is very adjustable, using velcro straps which makes the fit versatile but sturdy. No more adjusting the mask each and every time you put it on.

The dual filters are one of the best features of this mask. Putting filters on both sides of the mask made the mask easier to breathe through. It also reduces the profile of the filters which is much better for tasks close to your face, such as sighting a rifle. Having a filter on each side of the mask balances the weight, and makes it much less likely to have the mask unseal from your face from being hit or jostled. The filters also contain a white tab that turns blue when the filter is contaminated or expired.

The M50, while a great mask, still has its vulnerabilities and issues. It is still not a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), so you need to be aware that it does not provide oxygen in oxygen-depleted environments. Some HAZMAT chemicals, such as chlorine, can make the filter not last quite as long too. Knowing your limitations with the mask is important since masks can provide a false sense of security if you are dealing with unknown chemicals or substances. 350c69d7ab


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