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The Railway Children Return FRENCH WEBRIP 720p ...

Myrna "Ma" JablonskiGeneralFull nameMyrna JablonskiNickname(s)"Ma" (by Phil) "The Witch of 2A" (Raven and Tess)GenderFemaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationProperty OwnerAppearanceEye colorBlueHair colorGrayRelationshipsFamilyPhil Jablonski (son)FriendsLevi GraysonAffiliations352 Hauser Avenue (formerly]]ProductionSeason (s)1Appears inThe Baxters Get BouncedPortrayed byPeggy MileyMyrna "Ma" Jablonski was known throughout the 352 Hauser Avenue apartment complex as "The Witch of 2A," a fact Tess warns Levi about as he prepares to venture into that very residence to recover his lost drone. He discovers that a collection of dolls of all shapes, sizes, and styles, completely dominates the area. Tess, who has followed him inside, even claims one closely resembles a former neighbor kid, who allegedly moved to St. Louis. It is then that the older lady that lives there, turns on a light, revealing her presence, and demands to know who they are. A short time later, Tess after protesting that she has eaten too much cake, leaves with Levi, who is now on a first-name basis with the tenant, Myrna Jablonkski, agrees to join her for a weekly game of mah-jongg. After discovering Levi's missing drone, Myrna goes upstairs to return the toy and discovers her son Phil, bound and gagged in the Baxter living room. After releasing her son, she listens to everyone's side of the story, and before her son can throw them out, Myrna intervenes, forbidding her son to do so, by commenting on how she too was once a single mother and wishes she had a best friend to help her, stating Raven and Chelsea are raising a single family, and at Raven's extra prompting, forgoes the rent increase as well. Later, everyone gathers at 2A, and all three mothers bond over photos of their children, and Myrna brings to all their attention a certain picture from the past, featuring her son Phil with a full head of permed hair. She later sells 352 Hauser Avenue to Richard Moseley.Myrna "Ma" Jablonski was played by Peggy Miley.

The Railway Children Return FRENCH WEBRIP 720p ...

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PowerGeneralGenderFemaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationStudentAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBlackRelationshipsFamilyDreamweaver Kema (aunt) Unnamed motherProductionSeason (s)2Appears inWeirder ThingsPortrayed bySomali RosePower was the niece of Dreamweaver Kema. On the day Kema has an appointment with Raven Baxter, Kema needs to also bring Power along, as she promised her sister, she would watch Power for the day. Upon meeting Aunt Kema's client, Power instantly charms Raven, by announcing and explaining her name. Raven begins enthusiastically hugging the small child, squealing how she would like another small child to take care of, but that fantasy is dispelled when the arrival of her actual children brings her back to reality. Booker and Nia ask Raven to take them and their friends Tess and Levi, to the Weirder Things premiere event, as Tess's mom has been incapacitated, and a delirious Chelsea clearly cannot go either. As the twins corral a wayward Chelsea, their mother agrees to take them, provided she is allowed to finish her hair weaving appointment in peace. However, the "cuteness" of Power distracts both her aunt and Raven, and the perceptive Nia offers to watch over Power, and the younger girl actually says she wants to be with the other kids. Arriving in the boys' room, Power begins showing off her dancing, but the older kids are preoccupied, watching Weirder Things on a computer, barely noticing her. She tells them to sing, and receives only a half-hearted response, and Levi actually tells her to go away. Nia then attempts to get Power involved by inviting her to join them in watching the program. The kids are happy when Power has become quiet, apparently watching the show, when actually, she has slipped away to the kitchen. Power announces that she is hungry to her aunt and begins clanging the nearby pots and pans. The Baxter twins locate Power just as Raven is about to get up and fix Power something to eat. They tell Raven they will feed Power, just as a delusional Chelsea returns. As Booker takes Chelsea back to her room, Nia quickly makes Power a lunch composed of random nearby foodstuffs. Back in the boys' room, the friends resume watching their show, while Power wonders if Nia could have possibly put any weirder ingredients in her sandwich. Nibbling at her makeshift meal, Power begins commenting on what's happening on the screen. The others try to shush her, and the younger girl gets up and stands in front of the computer, calling the show garbage. The older kids object, when she states the program should be called "Boring Things." Nia tries to distract Power with an action figure of the "Nerdidorken," but Levi snatches it back, claiming that it is his favorite. Booker then challenges Power to amuse herself in his closet, which she accepts, as he closes the door behind her. While looking around the small space, she discovers a secret door hidden behind some boxes. Power steps outside the closet and tells the others about her discovery, and after warning them that they may never see her again, brightly waves goodbye. Returning to the door, Power discovers it leads to a mini-elevator and hops inside to head down below. At the bottom, she finds what appears to be a dark misty wooded area. As Power explores the spooky place, the other kids arrive the same way she did, and one of the strange trees suddenly becomes alive and threatens them. Curious, as Power approaches the mysterious tree, it abruptly grabs her, and she calls out for help. The other kids spot Power and agree to do whatever the creature (whom they identify as the "Nerdidorken") wants if it lets Power go first. The Nerdidorken agrees and Power hurries to the girls. As Power watches the others give up their possessions for her freedom, Raven and Chelsea suddenly drop down and the entire area is flooded with light, revealing the eerie woods is actually located inside a large room. Raven steps up and unmasks what she dubs the "Mitchidorken," as just an ordinary boy, whom the others recognize as someone named "Mitch." As the kids tell Raven what happened, Power adds how she stumbled upon the place. After Raven and Chelsea go back upstairs, the kids decide to stay and play in the Topsy-Turvy World set, but Mitch absconds with the premiere tickets, and leaves. Not particularly caring Booker, Nia, Tess, and Levi, all want to be the Nerdidorken, but it is Power who claims the role, by virtue of having possession of Mitch's discarded mask. Power spends the rest of the afternoon playing with her new friends in the replicated Topsy-Turvy set.Power was played by Somali Rose.

Captain Rob Smith USCGGeneralFull nameRob SmithNickname(s)Captain RobGenderMaleOccupationCoast Guard CaptainAppearanceEye colorBlueHair colorGraying BrownRelationshipsAffiliationsUnited States Coast GuardProductionSeason (s)3Appears inLost at Chel-SeaPortrayed byRobert Curtis BrownCaptain Rob Smith USCG was the Captain of a Coast Guard vessel patrolling the northern coast of the state of New Jersey. Upon receiving word of a lost Jet Ski with two passengers on board, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean south of New York City, he ordered his vessel to initiate search and rescue operations. Fortunately, the missing vehicle still had a functional GPS tracking beacon, and it was a rudimentary matter for his efficient crew to track down the signal and locate the adrift craft within a couple of hours. By then, night had fallen, and the ship's floodlight woke the two women on the Jet Ski. After a few moments of confusion, the Captain informed the pair that they had been rescued by the Coast Guard and had them brought aboard. After the two women had been given warm blankets and escorted to the ship's mess hall, the Captain personally brought them mugs of a warm beverage, as he was excited to meet one newcomer in particular, Chelsea Grayson, the renowned inventor of the Schmop. When Chelsea asked how the Captain how he knew her, he explained how prevalent her product had become to the Coast Guard, and how it was changing the very lexicon of the organization, which he hoped would eventually spread to the U.S. Navy as well. However, the mothers were anxious to reunite with their kids, but the Captain informed them that Homeland Security forbade intercepting a cruise ship in a non-emergency situation. The pair then asked to be dropped off in Miami, Florida, but the Captain pointed out that was far out of his ship's patrol zone and explained to them the best he could do under the current circumstances, was to return them to New York City. Back on the bridge, he receives news that the Captain of the cruise ship in question has issued an emergency call due to the commotion apparently caused by the children of his new guests. The Captain requests and is given permission to assign one of his helicopters to rendezvous with the cruise ship to reunite the mothers with their children. After ordering a copter to be prepped for immediate takeoff, the Captain hurries to the mess hall to share with the ladies the newest developments. Opening the hatch, he is nearly bowled over by a flustered Raven Baxter. Apologizing for the intrusion, the Captain informs them of the situation, and the two women are elated by the prospect of soon seeing their children. The Captain tells them to follow him, but the women ask for a minute to compose themselves. Captain Rob Smith USCG was played by Robert Curtis Brown.

Conagher is directed by Reynaldo Villalobos and adapted to teleplay by Jeffrey M. Meyer from the novel written by Louis L'Amour. It stars Sam Elliott, Katharine Ross, Barry Corbin, Ken Curtis, Buck Taylor, Dub Taylor and James Gammon. Music is by J.A.C. Redford and cinematography by James R. Bagdonas.After her husband fails to return from a trip to purchase cattle, Mrs. Evie Teale (Ross) fights hard to raise her two children whilst also keeping the family homestead afloat. Conn Conagher (Elliott) is a honest and hardworking cowboy who also has his own life struggles to contend with. Both Evie and Conn find their lives intertwined by their struggles against the perils of the West...You don't know what music is until you hear the wind in the cedars.Beautiful and subtle in every respect, Conagher is a treat for the grown up Western fan. The story is literate off the page from the beginning, it's the sort of character study that often gets taken for granted due to its simplicity. Yet the emotional depth is mightily strong here, the lead characters not bogged down by clichés or badly constructed scenes. Both Evie and Conn are deftly etched people, both easy to get on side with, their strengths are many, their loneliness perfectly understandable and never once schmaltzy. Helps that it's the real life husband and wife team of Ross and Elliott in the roles, the chemistry set in stone, when they look into each other's eyes you see it's real. A fine couple they do make.Even though Villalobos takes his time, rightly pacing it in steady and reflective beats, it's a film that doesn't lack for action. There's still gun play (Indian attack/rustler root outs) and a good round of knuckles (Elliott one of the best punch throwers in his acting era), the director, no doubt helped by the wily Elliott, proving more than adept at construction of the energetic scenes. Bagdonas and Villalobos provide some gorgeous photographic compositions that belie the TV movie budget, with the Colorado (Buckskin Joe Frontier Town & Railway/Canon City) vistas an extra character; and the misty interiors nicely capturing the tonal mood of the narrative. A fine gathering of support character actors come up trumps, while Redford's musical score is led by the guitar and lands softly in the ears.This is 100% recommended to Elliott and Western fans who appreciate characters superbly written and performed. It may end up as you expect, but that's OK, because if it didn't then you may well have wanted to throw your TV out the window. Just like I would have done had it not ended the way it does! Conagher, a subtle and beautiful treat. 8.5/10 041b061a72


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