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How To Unlock Iphone 4 When Forgot Passcode Without Restore

Have you got your iPhone unlocked due to entering the wrong passcode for many times? In this case, you will get a message of "iPhone is disabled" and you have to try again in 1 minute. If it is your friend who accidentally causes, it's okay to easily unlock it by typing the correct passcode in a minute. But what if you just forget the screen passcode? How to unlock iPhone 4 without password in such a situation? There are 4 methods illustrated in this article, aiming at telling you to remove iPhone 4 screen lock simply.

How to unlock iphone 4 when forgot passcode without restore

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Talking about unlocking iPhone without passcode, you all think about iTunes and iCloud subconsciously. However, they are not available in some cases. So, when iTunes and iCloud fail to be useless, how to unlock iPhone 4 without passcode? At this point, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker is a more reliable choice for you, which is aimed to unlock screen lock without passcode on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with easy steps.

When your iPhone 4 is disabled or you forget the screen passcode of it, you can use iTunes to unlock by restoring your iPhone. But what if you don't sync your iPhone with iTunes or iTunes may not recognize your device? How to unlock iPhone 4 without iTunes under the circumstances? Using iCloud or Siri is quite a nice choice, and there is no need for you to install any additional app.

There is a bug on the iPhone running from iOS 8.0 to iOS 11. You can make use of this bug to unlock your iPhone 4. If your iPhone 4 have not been updated to the latest version of iOS, then you can use Siri to unlock iPhone 4 without passcode.

How to unlock iPhone 4? As demonstrated in this article, iTunes and iCloud are capable of unlocking iPhone 4 without passcode. Compared with them, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker is more professional and unlimited because of its accurate algorithm and powerful unlocking feature. In any case, you can use Joyoshare program to crack your iPhone 4 screen lock without passcode. When iTunes or iCloud are not able to work for you well, you are recommended to adopt Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker. Don't forget to back up data on your device.

If you forgot your iPhone passcode, Apple's official recommended solution is to restore your iPhone to factory settings to remove the passcode. However, many people don't like this method, because it's troublesome and may cause some unexpected problems that make the iPhone worse. So, here, we'll show you how to remove forgotten iPhone passcode without restore.

Apple offers you two ways to restore your iPhone of which you forgot your passcode, but both have their limitations and disadvantages. That's one of the reasons why many people want a way to remove forgotten iPhone passcode without restore.

1. If you restore your iPhone with iTunes, you must turn off Find My iPhone before you can restore your device. However, Find My iPhone is enabled by default on all iPhones, and few people turn it off. If you've forgotten your passcode and can't access your iPhone, you can't turn off Find My iPhone, and therefore can't perform a restore.

Frankly, unless you have backed up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud before you forgot your passcode, you won't be able to save your data because any method to remove your forgotten iPhone passcode will also delete your personal data, including the methods given by Apple and any third-party methods. If you backed up your iPhone, you can restore your data after your passcode is removed, without worrying about data loss.

iCloud contains Find My iPhone feature which was designed to facilitate the user to find a lost or stolen iPhone, but it also can be used to erase your iPhone to remove your forgotten passcode. Erase iPhone only wipes all your personal data and settings, including your passcode, but does not restore your iPhone to factory settings or change your iOS version. Compared to restoring iPhone, this method is much easier and safer. You need a device with internet access to follow these steps, such as a computer or smartphone.

To remove your forgotten iPhone passcode without restoring your device, the second option is to use a professional iPhone passcode removal tool. iPhone Passcode Refixer is one such tool that allows you to remove your forgotten iPhone passcode with just a few clicks of your mouse, without having to perform a restore using iTunes. Make sure you have a Windows computer, and follow these steps. If you don't have a Windows computer, borrow one from a friend.

The above are two simple and effective ways to remove forgotten iPhone passcode without performing restore. They may not be perfect, but at least can ensure the safety of your iPhone, without you having to worry about making your iPhone unusable due to improper operation.

Apple explains how to unlock the iPhone if you have forgotten the passcode or password in the manual for each model. For the iPhone 5c, for example, it is provided on page 155 as well as on the company support site. However, as this is a very frequently asked question, the official answers and additional help are below for your convenience.

The exact behavior of the iPhone depends on its configuration when one forgets the passcode. By default, there is not a passcode at all. However, Apple notes the following regarding forgotten passcodes:

If that is not an option, try to face a direction that you were facing when you successfully entered your passcode previously. Relax. Close your eyes. Open your eyes again. Enter the passcode without a conscious effort to remember the numbers or letters but instead "feel" it. You may be able to essentially trigger "muscle memory" of the motion pattern you have used before to enter the code.

As an iOS user, there are some common issues you may face frequently. However, some problems are human-generated such as forgetting the passcode which needs to be entered to access iPhone. When you forgot the passcode, how to do? In this article, we are going to share the methods to unlock your device when forgot iPhone passcode without restore.

The way recommended by Apple to unlock iPhone without passcode is iTunes, which restore iPhone quickly. But how to unlock iPhone forgot passcode without restore? Here, you will learn several ways to figure out forgot iPhone password.

Forgot iPhone passcode? Entered wrong passcode too many times? Or iTunes is not able to restore iPhone? If you have these problems, Tenorshare 4uKey is here for you. It is a tool to unlock your device if forgot iPhone passcode without restore.

Besides, if you cannot use iTunes to restore your iPhone with forgot passcode, you can use iCloud to erase it. And for iOS 15.2 and later, you can also directly erase it on the lock screen. Both the 2 ways rely on the Apple ID and password. Make sure you have signed in to iCloud account, turned on Find My, and connected to an available network.

How to unlock iPhone forgot passcode? We have mentioned all the possible ways in this article. And Tenorshare 4uKey is a simple iPhone unlocker tool for iOS users. It unlocks iPhone without restoring when they have forgotten the passcode. Hope this article will be of a great help.

When it comes to forgot iPhone passcode without restore, you can solve this problem with Siri. This was a past security glitch with Siri, and it has now been fixed. But it is worth trying if your iPhone is running on iOS 8.1 to iOS 10.1.

The best way to bypass forgotten iPhone passcode without the code and restoring is to use iPhone Unlock. iPhone Unlock is a professional program to unlock iPhone/iPad lock screen and iCloud lock on iOS devices with only a few clicks. And, it can remove all types of lock screen, including 4-digit & 6-digit passcode, the Touch ID and Face ID.

Anyway, you can easily remove forgotten iPhone passcode without restoring and any difficulty by following the on-screen instructions. And it is widely compatible with all iPhone/iPad, such as iPhone SE (2nd generation)/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs Max/Xs/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4, etc.

iCloud's Find My iPhone can also bypass iPhone lock screen without restoring when you forgot iPhone passcode. To use this method, you will need to have enabled Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone before it gets locked.

Before unlocking iPhone, you need to know that this way may erase all iPhone data while removing the forgotten iPhone passcode. Hence, you can give it a try if there is an iCloud backup of iPhone data.

If you forgot iPhone password and cannot access your iPhone, don't panic! The 3 ways above can help you bypass forgotten iPhone passcode without restore feature. But activating Siri on a locked iPhone only works on iOS 8 - 11, besides, you can only unlock iPhone with Find My iPhone when you have enabled this feature on iPhone before it is locked.

There are a number of articles online that appear to claim there is a secret passcode that can unlock any iPhone. The idea is appealing because is it allows you access to any device without having to reset the passcode which is handy if you forget it.

If you want to unlock your iPhone screen as fast as possible without restore, Mobitrix LockAway is your best solution. It can help you remove your iPhone screen lock in just a few simple clicks within 20 mins.

Cornelius Fichtner, tech expert and president of OSP International, broke down the steps to use iTunes or Finder to unlock an iPhone without a passcode. Apple has changed things for users with macOS Catalina or later. For those running older operating systems or PC users, iTunes can still be used to unlock an iPhone.(new Image()).src = ' =38cf8a01-c7b4-4a61-a61b-8c0be6528f20&cid=877050e7-52c9-4c33-a20b-d8301a08f96d'; cnxps.cmd.push(function () cnxps( playerId: "38cf8a01-c7b4-4a61-a61b-8c0be6528f20" ).render("6ea159e3e44940909b49c98e320201e2"); ); 350c69d7ab


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