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Where To Buy Chicken Ramen Pringles

Weird flavors that work!Top Ramen Pringles! That's right,chicken ramen noodle flavored pringles! I had really high hopes for these chips, because I love ramen noodles and I love pringles! It's rare that we ever get weird flavors in my town, especially new ones. These Pringles taste exactly like ramen noodles though! You can taste the chicken, and the noodles! It's really weird and crazy, and super fun to make people try and guess what flavor it is! I hope to see more crazy flavors soon!

where to buy chicken ramen pringles

A sign of a good junk-food-eating session is the presence of both instant ramen and Pringles. And now, you can have the flavors of both of those foods in one bite thanks to new ramen-flavored Pringles. Yes, the new Pringles Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Flavor is an entirely real flavor, and it's available exclusively at Dollar General stores nationwide. Pringles teamed up with Nissin Top Ramen (the budget-friendly ramen brand you know and love) to add the irresistible flavors of chicken ramen to its crunchy potato chips, and we honestly can't believe no one thought of this sooner.

I crunched in to find a flavor that was reasonably like a chicken ramen soup, but far milder, and it definitely was orders of magnitude weaker than eating the seasoning mix right out of the packet. (Not that I've ever done that!) Pretty good, but just a tiny simulation of the ramen-eating experience.

"Hot chicken's actual history, its particular origins in a distinct community, has been diluted, transforming it into a pale echo of what it was," wrote Zach Stafford in Eater, "a spicy but soulless joyride." That's a good way to describe what's happening in the chip aisle, where you might find it as the newest flavor from Pringles. The chip maker is about two years late to the trend, and the chips are available at Dollar General stores for a limited time.

Pringles are a Frankensnack, the pink slime of chips: They're formed from a paste of rice, wheat, corn and potato flakes, and reconstituted into their characteristic curvy shape before being sprayed with a flavor coating. In this case, that flavor is made from onion powder, hot sauce, chile pepper and garlic powder, which makes them taste like a pretty standard barbecue chip. Some tasters said they were spicier, but I'm not convinced. There's nothing chicken-flavored about these Pringles, for the record - just as another Pringles stunt flavor, chicken ramen, allegedly had no chicken taste, either.

The release is a collaboration with popular instant ramen brand Super Cup. Released alongside the yakisoba will be actual Pringles potato chips. One is Torigara Shoyu Ramen, or chicken bone soy sauced flavored Pringles, which replicate the rich, salty, and thick broth found in Super Cup ramen, as well as an Aged Miso Ramen flavor. 041b061a72


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