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The LUCAS 2009 topsoil database is available for download since September 2013. This database has extensively used for modelling purposes and the development or validation of ten datasets in European scale: Soil Organic carbon content in Europe, Multispectral reflectance data in EU soil, Soil erodibility (K-factor), Soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks, Soil water erosion, Physical properties, Threats to soil biodiversity in EU, wind erosion modelling, N2O emissions in EU and future SOC stocks.

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The LUCAS topsoil dataset and the derived products have been downloaded more than 4,500 times from the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) during the period (Sep 2013 - Sep 2017). The LUCAS Soil dataset has a wide range of potential applications: a) Modelling of soil-related properties at the continental scale. b) Assessing the contribution of the soil component to regulation c) of large-scale environmental phenomena such as climate change and nutrient cycles. d) Validation of small-scale models involving soil properties e) Comparison and checking of the quality of national and regional soil inventories. f) Assessing the ecosystem services provided by soil g) Evaluation of the effect of soil on key economic activities suchas agriculture.

A post assessment survey of LUCAS data was conducted in order to evaluate the data utility, the scale and te publication outputs. Overall, statistics on LUCAS Soil download and use emphasize the value of such a resource. Continuous development of the LUCAS Soil database and derived datasets will ensure further growth of potentially interested users and thus their application in new fields of research.

These user aids consist of both PDF documents and simulations and are available for Lucas County employees to access at any time. To view PDF documents you can download the free Adobe Reader. MP4 videos can be viewed with Windows Media Player which is included on Windows-based devices.

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