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Mighty Raju - Rio Calling Download 3gp Movie ^NEW^

Mighty Raju - Rio Calling: A Fun-Filled Animated Movie for Kids

If you are looking for a movie that will entertain your kids and make them laugh, then you should check out Mighty Raju - Rio Calling. This is an animated movie that features Mighty Raju, a four-year-old boy with superpowers, who goes on an adventure in Rio de Janeiro with his family and friends.

Mighty Raju - Rio Calling download 3gp movie

Mighty Raju - Rio Calling is the third movie in the Mighty Raju series, which is a spin-off of the popular Chhota Bheem franchise. The movie was released in 2014 and was directed by Rajiv Chilaka and Anirban Majumder. The movie has a rating of 5.2 out of 10 on IMDb[^1^] and is available to watch online on YouTube[^2^] and Google Play Movies[^3^].

The movie follows Mighty Raju as he travels to Rio with his parents, who have been assigned a special mission by the Indian government. Raju's mother, Sandhya, is very happy to go there, but Raju is sad to leave his friends behind. However, he soon finds new friends in Rio, such as a girl named Ila and a monkey named Bongo. He also discovers the beauty and culture of Rio, such as the carnival, the samba and the football.

But not everything is fun and games in Rio. Raju's arch-enemy, Karati, has also followed him there with his evil plans. He wants to steal a rare blue diamond that is kept in a museum and use it to power his robot army. He also wants to kidnap Raju and use his superpowers for his own benefit. Will Raju be able to stop Karati and save the day? Will he also enjoy his vacation in Rio and make new memories?

To find out, you have to watch Mighty Raju - Rio Calling. This movie is full of action, comedy and adventure that will keep your kids engaged and entertained. The movie also has catchy songs and colorful animation that will appeal to their senses. The movie also teaches some valuable lessons about friendship, courage and teamwork.

So what are you waiting for? Download Mighty Raju - Rio Calling 3gp movie today and enjoy it with your kids. You will not regret it!

Mighty Raju - Rio Calling also introduces some new characters that Raju meets in Rio. One of them is Ila, a girl who loves football and becomes Raju's friend. She helps him to learn more about the sport and the city. Another one is Bongo, a monkey who lives in the jungle and becomes Raju's companion. He is very playful and mischievous and often gets into trouble.

The movie also features some familiar characters from the Mighty Raju series, such as Cheeky, the robot nanny who takes care of Raju, Moby, the talking dog who is Raju's best friend, Commissioner Khanna, the police chief who trusts Raju, and Karati, the evil scientist who wants to capture Raju. The movie also has some cameo appearances from Chhota Bheem and his friends, who are Raju's idols.

Mighty Raju - Rio Calling is a movie that celebrates the spirit of Rio and its people. The movie showcases the vibrant and colorful culture of Rio, such as the carnival, the samba, the football and the landmarks. The movie also has a message of environmental awareness and conservation, as Raju helps to protect the jungle and its animals from Karati's schemes. c481cea774


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