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Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls (2015) - Download the Latest Album by the NWOBHM Legends

in the last ten years ive spent a lot of time listening to the nwobhm bands, and ive come to realise that many of them were not just a one-hit wonder. rather, they seem to have been an excellent band for a short time. a band that released a handful of good albums in a seven year period. such a band was iron maiden, who released a handful of great albums between 1979 and 1986, including killers (their fourth album), piece of mind (their fifth), the number of the beast (their sixth, and the first to feature bruce dickinson as their frontman) and the follow-up powerslave (their seventh).

iron maiden the book of souls torrent

this album has a lot of classic maiden tunes, but theres also a lot of new material, and most of it is good. i like the fact that dickinson isnt the lead vocalist, and instead lends his vocals to run to the hills, and die with your boots on. ive never been a big fan of dickinson, and i didnt like him that much when he was with a band called hawkwind, but he is much more commanding as a lead vocalist than paul di anno. also, i like the way he can sing in his own style, which isnt that of a typical british vocalist. it doesnt sound too much like lemmy, or paul rodgers, or even rob halford, but is still very maiden-ish. especially on the opening track, loneliness is all i have to give, he sounds like he is mimicking the vocals of dave allen, the lead vocalist of the band saxon, which was in maiden in the late 1970s.

as much as the combination of novelty and nostalgia make maiden's live set a good time, what's most interesting about the records is the way it shows off the talents of the different members. bruce's guitar work is the most aggressive, with his chord progressions a stark contrast to his bare-bones solo on the red and the black. dave murray is the most skilled at bringing his guitar down to the earth's core and steve harris' drumming is flawless.


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