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So So Def Bass Allstars Vol 2 Rar

So So Def Bass Allstars Vol 2 Rar >>>

So So Def Bass Allstars Vol 2: A Classic Compilation of Bass Music

If you are a fan of bass music, you probably have heard of So So Def Bass Allstars Vol 2, a compilation album released in 1997 by So So Def Recordings, a label founded by Jermaine Dupri. This album features some of the best artists and producers of the genre, such as Lil Jon, Luke, Gucci Crew II, INOJ, and more. It also includes some remixes and megamixes of popular bass songs, such as My Boo, Sally (That Girl), and Love You Down.

In this article, we will review the album and its tracks, and tell you where you can download it in rar format.

Album Review

So So Def Bass Allstars Vol 2 is a great example of how bass music can be diverse, fun, and catchy. The album has 16 tracks, each with a different style and vibe. Some tracks are fast and energetic, like Eastside To The Westside, Freak It, and Uh Uhh. Some tracks are slow and sensual, like Apple Pie, Slick Partna, and Es Verano. Some tracks are classic and nostalgic, like Sally (That Girl), Bass, and Mega Mix II.

The album showcases the talent and creativity of the artists and producers involved. For example, Lil Jon produced four tracks on the album, including his own song So So Def Quad, which features Luke of 2 Live Crew. He also remixed My Boo by Ghostown DJ's, adding his signature crunk style to the song. Another example is INOJ, who sang a cover of Love You Down by Ready For The World, making it a smooth and sexy R&B hit. She also sang a Spanish version of her song ec8f644aee


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