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Dj Mix Station 3 Full Version LINK

LINK ->->->->

Dj Mix Station 3 Full Version LINK

The MIXON 7 is the highest quality DJ mixing solution you can find without having to break the bank. The MIXON 7 has the widest range of features in the series, including everything you need for a professional setup. The highlight of this controller is a dual four-deck mixing system with auto-mixing, plus the high performance DM-102A features for professionally sound quality. The MIXON 7 also comes with the DM-SA10A mixer/cue pad and the DM-MB-4 4 chunk Dual Core Memory Module to help you run your favorite DJ SaaS applications.

This bundle comes with everything you need to start listening to music instantly push button compatible! The bundle also includes a USB cable and a quick start guide manual covers the gear setup. Once set up you can start turning the any available music platform into a public DJ set.

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