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SDR Touch Key: Unlock the full potential of your Android device and use the pro features of SDR Touch

SDR Touch Key: Unlock the full potential of your Android device and use the pro features of SDR Touch

SDR Touch Key is an app that allows you to use the advanced features of SDR Touch, a software defined radio application for Android devices. SDR Touch lets you tune and demodulate various radio signals using a USB dongle and an OTG cable. With SDR Touch Key, you can unlock the following pro features:

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  • Spectrum Analyser: See 1 MHz of the spectrum real time on your screen. Identify potential signals of interest visually.

  • Advanced RDS Monitor: Explore the digital RDS data feed that is broadcast with FM radio stations. See PI, AF, CT, PTY, ECC, signal quality, constellation display and RDS group statistics.

  • Audio Recording: Record your favourite tunes in STEREO straight from the radio or tape that random chatter you randomly came across on the HAM band - it's up to you!

To use SDR Touch Key, you need to have SDR Touch already installed on your Android device. You can purchase and install SDR Touch Key from Google Play or download it from HappyMod[^1^] [^2^]. Next time you start SDR Touch, you will be able to use the pro tools and the "DEMO MODE" will have disappeared!

Please note that SDR Touch is under development and it could be unstable. Also make sure you agree with the Terms and Conditions in SDR Touch and fully understand that it might against the law to listen to some non-standard radio frequencies in some countries. The developer is not liable for any damages caused by improper usage of SDR Touch and SDR Touch Key!SDR Touch is more than just a radio scanner. It is a software defined radio that can tune and demodulate various types of signals using a USB dongle and an OTG cable. You can explore the radio spectrum from 50 MHz to 2.2 GHz (depending on the hardware used) and listen to a wide range of broadcasts, such as:

  • FM radio: Enjoy your favorite music and talk shows on the FM band. You can also decode the digital RDS data that is transmitted along with the audio. This includes the station's program type (PTY), country of broadcast (ECC), date and time (CT), unique program identifier (PI), list of alternative frequencies (AF) and advanced statistics about the digital RDS carrier signal[^4^].

  • AM radio: Tune in to the medium wave and short wave bands and listen to local and international stations. You can also use SSB and CW modes to receive amateur radio, utility and military communications.

  • NFM radio: Monitor the VHF and UHF bands and listen to public safety, air traffic, marine, amateur radio, weather and other services that use narrow band FM modulation.

  • Digital radio: Decode digital signals such as DAB, DAB+, DMR, P25, NXDN, TETRA and more using external plugins that can be installed from Google Play[^3^].

  • TV audio: Listen to the audio of analogue and digital TV broadcasts using the DVB-T/DVB-T2 mode. You can also watch live TV on your Android device using an external app such as VLC[^1^].

SDR Touch is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can adjust the frequency, bandwidth, gain, squelch and other settings using simple gestures. You can also view the spectrum and waterfall displays to visualize the signals in real time. You can save your favorite frequencies as presets for quick access. You can also record the audio of any signal and play it back later. 0efd9a6b88


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