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Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries ECatalogue 092010

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Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010: A Comprehensive Guide to Hyundai Construction Equipment

If you are looking for a reliable source of information about Hyundai construction equipment, you should check out the Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010. This is a digital catalogue that contains detailed specifications, features, photos, and diagrams of various Hyundai models, such as excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, and more.

The Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010 is a handy tool for anyone who wants to learn more about Hyundai's products and services. You can download it from the official website of Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE), which is the regional headquarters of Hyundai Heavy Industries for Europe. HCEE is based in Belgium and offers a wide range of construction machines that are designed to meet the needs of different customers and markets.

Some of the benefits of using the Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010 are:

It is easy to navigate and search. You can browse by product category, model name, or keyword. You can also zoom in and out, print, or save pages as PDF files.

It is updated regularly with the latest information and data. You can find the most recent versions of the catalogue on the HCEE website.

It is compatible with various devices and platforms. You can access it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also use it offline if you download it to your device.

It is free of charge. You do not need to pay anything to download or use the catalogue.

The Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010 is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in Hyundai construction equipment. Whether you are a potential buyer, a current owner, a dealer, or a service provider, you can find useful information and insights in this catalogue. You can also contact HCEE directly if you have any questions or feedback about their products and services.

To download the Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010, visit and click on the "Download" button on the homepage. You can also find other related materials, such as brochures, manuals, videos, and news on the website.

In this section, we will highlight some of the models that are featured in the Hyundai Heavy Robex Industries E-Catalogue 09.2010. These are some of the most popular and innovative machines that Hyundai offers to its customers.

Hyundai Robex Excavators

Hyundai Robex excavators are powerful and versatile machines that can handle various tasks and terrains. They are equipped with advanced technology and features that enhance their performance, efficiency, and safety. Some of the models that you can find in the catalogue are:

The HW150A CR wheeled excavator, which is ideal for working in confined building sites and landscaping applications. It has a compact radius (CR) design and a Stage V engine that make it environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.

The HX220AL crawler excavator, which is part of the A-series line of excavators that feature Hyundai's Smart Control System. This system allows the operator to customize the machine's settings and modes according to the working conditions and preferences.

The HX900L crawler excavator, which is the largest model in Hyundai's excavator range. It has a massive bucket capacity of 5.6 cubic meters and a maximum digging depth of 8.5 meters. It is suitable for heavy-duty mining and quarrying operations.

Hyundai Robex Wheel Loaders

Hyundai Robex wheel loaders are agile and reliable machines that can load, transport, and unload various materials with ease. They have ergonomic cabins and controls that provide comfort and convenience to the operator. Some of the models that you can find in the catalogue are:

The HL940A wheel loader, which is another member of the A-series line of machines. It has a load sensing hydraulic system that adjusts the flow and pressure accord


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