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Sword Race INF Money, Auto Rebirth,Auto Egg

Buggy has used his fruit's powers for fighting, protecting himself (by either ejecting body parts before enemy impact or picking up other people as meat shields) and punishment towards those who fail or annoy him (usually by using his split-off hand to suffocate or hold them up in front of a cannon shot). By combining his splitting with his penchant for trickery and skill with knives, Buggy can easily catch opponents off-guard in case they attempt to block his moves. Because of this ability automatically triggering when his body is cut by external sources, Buggy is completely fearless towards any and all swordsmen, contrary to his usual cowardice against more powerful enemies. This aspect of his devil fruit means Buggy can sometimes surprise foes who think they may have successfully killed him.[15]

Sword Race INF Money, Auto Rebirth,Auto Egg

  • Stealth-Based Game Metal Gear: In one of Hideo Kojima's many many fourth wall breakages, during the torture rack sequence in Metal Gear Solid, Revolver Ocelot warns his prey not to "even think about using auto-fire, or I'll know." And in the GameCube remake he actually turns and points accusingly at the player as he says it. That would be awesome enough on its own, but he's not bluffing: Depending on the type of controller, it might go unnoticed, but if the game does detect it, it's an automatic Game Over since it won't let you input X to raise your Stamina, and Snake dies of electrocution. There is no additional meta dialog past that point.

  • In the PC version of MGS, activating the "Invincibility" cheat during the minigame only made it LOOK like your health wasn't decreasing, even though it not only continued to decrease, but did NOT accept button presses to recover the health. Oddly enough, auto-fire appears to work in the PC version.

  • If one uses a cheat device to obtain the PSG1 sniper rifle before you encounter Sniper Wolf, said character will shoot Meryl instead of you when you first encounter her and it means Meryl will die since you can't kill Sniper Wolf fast enough to prevent Meryl dying.

  • If you input 'UUDDLRLRBA' as your name on the terminal in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the game mocks you. The only other time you can use the Konami Code is on your Ranking screen - where it performs no function other than to make Snake get annoyed at you for trying to cheat after the game is already over. Also, during the Mind Screw sequence in Arsenal Gear, one of the No Fourth Wall insane rants is the Colonel accusing you of using a cheating device, regardless of whether you're actually doing that or not.

  • In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, you can unlock special characters (such as most of the cast of Metal Gear Solid 3) via in-game Guide Dang It! achievements, or via inputting a password. If you unlock the characters via the password, they learn slower and the cap for how high their stats can improve is made lower.



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