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What is Morton Benson Recnik and Why You Need It

What is Morton Benson Recnik and Why You Need It

If you are looking for a reliable and comprehensive dictionary of English and SerboCroatian languages, you might want to check out Morton Benson Recnik. This is a licensed edition that PC Press offers in cooperation with Procon and KOÅ  & CO companies. The name Morton Benson is synonymous with quality and extensive dictionary in our region, and the new medium will make the previous paper edition, which you surely used, go into deserved retirement.

Morton Benson Recnik consists of two CD-ROMs: one with an English-SerboCroatian dictionary and one with a SerboCroatian-English dictionary. The English-SerboCroatian dictionary contains over 50,000 English words, with detailed translations into SerboCroatian language, while the SerboCroatian-English dictionary contains over 60,000 SerboCroatian words with translation into English language.

Morton Benson Recnik 2CD 64 bit

For efficient searching of both dictionaries, there is a program adapted to Windows environment, which comes on each of the CD-ROMs. The most important feature of this program, whose authors are Dejan JeloviÄ and Zoran KoÅ, is simple use: you just need to enter the English word (or the first few letters of the word) you are looking for in the Find window and you will get its translation into SerboCroatian, as well as translations of phrases in which that word appears. Similarly, you can enter a SerboCroatian word and get its translation into English language. There is also a possibility of fast searching of translations and descriptions in SerboCroatian and English, with setting more complex conditions, which will make it easier for you to find the word or phrase you need.

The program uses all the advantages of multimedia - by clicking on the Pronounce icon you hear the correct pronunciation of the found word. To use this option, you need a sound card, but without it the program will work correctly: the only hardware-software requirement is that your PC computer runs under Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4 operating system.

The new CD-ROM with SerboCroatian-English dictionary also contains an improved software, which is used for searching English-SerboCroatian dictionary as well. In this way, if you already own the first CD, you will be able to use the advantages of the new software, such as drag-and-drop mechanism for transferring words that are searched and communication with text processor.

Although English-SerboCroatian and SerboCroatian-English dictionaries can be used separately, they represent an integrated whole - there is no need to constantly change disks in the reader. The installation procedure will copy to disk the necessary components of the system, so you will be able to search both dictionaries without changing CD. As a registered user, you have the possibility to copy both dictionaries to disk. In this way, if you are willing to set aside about 50 MB of space, you can access words from both dictionaries at any time, without having to insert any of Morton Benson disks into CD reader.

We believe that this dictionary will be valuable in everyday work, so we suggest you order it. The disks will be sent to you immediately after payment, and their purchase guarantees you a discount when purchasing the next Morton Benson editions. 0efd9a6b88


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