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Tiger Woods Finally Sinks A Decent Game On The PSP [REPACK]

There have been plenty of great golf games over the years, and no series has been more consistently fun than this one. In 2011, this EA staple finally landed the most famous tournament in the world, The Masters. It also introduced an in-game caddy and the hushed tones of longtime CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz.

Tiger Woods Finally Sinks a Decent Game on the PSP

For the past several years, anyone who has ever had an interest in playing an accurate simulation of golf has had to rely on owning a state-of-the-art PC. And while there may have been a few noteworthy console titles that were great fun, truth be told, they weren't very realistic. But thanks to the power of the PS2 and our friends over at EA Sports, there is finally a console golf sim that considerably closes the gap. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 combines slick visuals with an awesome game-play engine to deliver a legitimate golfing experience that's truly a gas to play. With a host of new game modes and challenges to be had, the game offers some serious replay value. It may not be perfect (let's face it, gamers will always complain about something), but I can tell ya this, 'If you love golf games and you have a preference for normal size heads (sorry, had to get that in there), this game is a must buy' and that's something I don't say very often!'?

No longer saddled with an antiquated swing meter, PGA 2002 has gone fully analog. Don't let that scare you--it's an improvement. And the stick is just one part of the new Tiger Woods experience. Ya see, EA has rebuilt the game to be totally immersive. Stay with me here--that's a fancy way of saying they want us to feel the emotions, as well as the mechanics of golf. I'll admit that sounds like marketing hype, but they really did a decent job. Take the aforementioned analog swing. The draw and timing of your stroke directly affect where the ball goes. So once you catch on, using the stick feels fluid and natural-- thus, more immersive. Get it? Toss in a thumping heartbeat and other emotion effects, and you're swearing like a real golfer in no time flat. I applaud EA for taking Tiger in this new direction, but there is one thing I don't like: The contour of the greens can be hard to judge (the old grids have been removed in the name of realism). Now you depend on your caddie for tips on where to aim, making the putting game a bit awkward. Otherwise, it's good.

Monday: Paid off my car on Friday and got the title on today!Tuesday: Received second iPod Touch that I didn't order, and assumed I'm on some sort of iPod touch weekly subscription, for only $400 a week! I sent it back. (It was Amazon's fault, not Apple's :P )The rest of the week... I will finally be buying my house! My parents sold their house and move on Halloween. They are hiring movers.My keyboard's kinda screwed up because soda was spilled on it (not me!!). The keys were really sticky, so I pulled a bunch of them off and wiped behind them with a wet paper towel, but my "I" key will never be the same (although it works fine, it just sticks up a little more than the others), and my "0" (zero) key (and hence, my "close parentheses" key) makes some weird noise when pressed.This month and next are big months for gamers:Crysis Collector's Edition DVD-ROM with Bonus! PC Pre-ReleaseShips 11/13/07 $59.99 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men with Bonus! PC Pre-ReleaseShips 11/20/07 $49.99 Sim City Societies with Bonus! PC Pre-ReleaseShips 11/13/07 $49.99 Super Mario Galaxy Wii Pre-ReleaseShips 11/12/07 $49.99 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3 Pre-ReleaseShips 11/20/07 $59.99 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure Wii Pre-ReleaseShips 10/23/07 $39.99That's my shopping cart at EB games.This Friday will be the first time all of us from work head out to the bar since we hired a bunch of new people, including me! We're gonna get wasted.I'm 3-3 in Fantasy Football this year, winning the last game by 2 points! Tony Gonzalez had a huge game, and Muhsin Muhammad has finally started scoring for me. My team stinks, though. It will be miraculous if I finish over .500. I only had 76 points, and really only got points from those two and the Eagles D. No one else contributes. This week I play my brother Scott. He'll be at the Eagles game so I'll have to call him and tell him I'm whooping his ass.I joined Netflix finally. It's gonna be a great way to finally watch all those movies I haven't seen yet.I'm also trying to quit smoking. It's rough, and I know drinking will make it really hard, but the trick would be to go back to quitting after a long night of drinking with a few smokes here or there. Drinking in Philly is a lot easier than in the suburbs.This post has a little of everything.

I ordered clothes the other day and they'll be arriving sporadically. They shipped from 4 different places. I got one package. I noticed the other day I don't have any clothes. I also noticed that the clothes in my drawer stay in my drawer... pretty much since I moved in here 3 years ago. So I wanted to get them cleared out like Tuesday, but the Phillies have been playing at 7:05, like clockwork. I get home at 6 or so, eat or play a video game, then watch the Phillies until 10pm or so. During which nothing gets done except some cheering and other intense fan activities. Then I try to go to bed, but the neighbors' kids and my brother are in bed so I can't do anything that requires listening to loud music, like cleaning or going through clothes and throwing them in a trashbag (they will be dropped off at a good-will collection point soon). I finally fall asleep at 1 or so.Jeff took out a home equity loan to get some work done. So far we have new windows in the front and back of the house, and we're getting a new bathroom. This week is the bathroom work, until Monday. So, I haven't been able to use the toilet, shower, shave, or anything. We have nothing but a tub with no faucets or any kind of plumbing in the whole bathroom. The sink is in Jeff's room, the toilet is in the basement. It will be done by Monday. A week in all.Tonight I was over my parents' house because it was Monday when I last had a full shower. I've cleaned my hair twice, washed my face and hands every day, behind the ears too, and used deodorant. I haven't received any complaints from the coworkers, and Jeff and I are recovering smokers so we really can't smell too well still, at least not ourselves. I can definitely smell and taste way better than when I smoked though. I took a shower at my parents' house and it was marvelous. It sucked too because on Tuesday morning, the first of the days where I'd have to go a full day without showering, I woke up at like 5:30 and was like "Man, a shower's gonna be great today!" I remembered then that I wouldn't be able to shower! It was one of those days where it was hot during the night even, and I was feeling sticky. A shower would have really hit the spot. Oh well.Another thing about no sink is you can't shave. By this morning I had the full Koy Detmer neck beard going. Tonight I got a haircut and shaved.Two weeks ago on Saturday my friends and I went to the Phillies game. I was coordinator, so I had to buy all the tickets, be there first, supply some beer and food, and collect money and act like I was da bomb. That last part is easy. I had 16 tickets. Zatko and I got there at like 12:40. I probably would have been perfectly fine hanging out with just us two and maybe some girls all day. We were having a good time. Everyone else showed up, fashionably late, at like 2 o'clock. The game started at 3:55. I had about 6 beers before the game, and only one or two after that. I smoked a few, but it's just because I lack any kind of inhibitions or self restraint after 4+ beers. I haven't smoked since. We went to McFadden's afterwards and there were about a million people there. Later Jared vomited on his car :) We all had a great time I think. I'd go again. Good night.

I know this has been the case for a few days now, but it's finally sunk in. Things don't sink in quick for me. I can learn anything pretty quickly, but feeling something takes a while. It takes a constant reiteration of knowledge.When the paper starts putting up articles like this one, and starts mentioning names like Utley, Howard, Rollins, Victorino, and to some extent Burrell (cringe), and the players start talking about their roles and their ability to win, it helps to ignite the excitement, and ... well, I just can't f@%@$ing wait for the season to start.The Phillies haven't really been my favorite Philadelphia team ever. Although, in '93, I didn't miss a game. It was that kind of energy at the beginning of the season where I couldn't help but watch the first game of the season, all the way to the last game of the World Series. This year I'm sure won't be much different. But, lately, baseball has picked up steam and quickly became my favorite game to watch. Sure, we have the Eagles and football, but this year I really couldn't wait for the Phillies to start, even as Garcia and the crew were marching through the end of the season and into the playoffs. I definitely enjoyed watching and rooting for the Eagles, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to watch some baseball. And this year's Phillies team is awesome. We WILL see some October baseball in this town finally. You heard it here first.I've believed, ever since the big trades last year, the Phillies would have been in the World Series if they had that team from the beginning of the season. Now they have that team. Now we just have to enjoy every minute of it.


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