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Sauvageon and Paulis awoke at MET 4h00m for FD2. At MET 5h02m the oxygen canister in the #3 life support tank in the shuttle aft compartment sprang a leak. Although the other oxygen tanks were topped up, nonetheless most of its capacity was lost to space. The malfunction occurred during final preparations for the orbit-raising burn, which out of an abundance of caution was put off until an hour after the tank leaked dry in order to avoid any possibility of ignition in the aft compartment. Given the two-kerbal crew, however, the loss of oxygen did not otherwise affect the mission. After this delay the orbit-raising burn was accomplished at MET 1d1h22m, raising orbit to 120x121km, period 34m05s. The crew began their sleep period at MET 1d2h00m.

KSP Kerbal Space Program 0.14 Key Generatorl

STS-7 was the second flight of Challenger. On this flight, Commander Abe Dykstra became the second kerbal to fly on two space shuttle missions, after having served as pilot on STS-1. STS-7 also suffered an unprecedented series of launch delays. Initially scheduled for launch on July 29, multiple delays due to both weather and technical problems during launch (which required replacement of, successively, an oxygen tank, hydraulic tubing in the starboard wing, and a battery) resulted in a cumulative delay of nearly a month.

NASA was excited back last century when they spotted an alignment of planets in the solar system occurring in the late 1970s that would allow a space probe to do a series of gravitational slingshots and visit most of the planets. This alignment only happens every 175 years. NASA called it the Grand Tour. Sadly pressure from both the congressional holders of NASA's budget and from the new Space Shuttle program forced the cancelling of the Grand Tour. It was replaced by the drastically down-scaled Voyager program. Meanwhile the Shuttle program suffered costs overruns that devoured NASA budget while utterly failing its design goal of reducing the cost of space access.


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