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How To Download Baby Woodrose's Money For Soul Album In RAR Format

Baby Woodrose - Money For Soul (2003) RAR Psychedelic Rock Review

Baby Woodrose is a Danish garage rock band formed by Lorenzo Woodrose in 2001. The band is named after a Hawaiian plant that produces psychedelic effects when ingested. Baby Woodrose's music is influenced by 60s and 70s rock, especially bands like The Stooges, MC5, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Seeds.

How to Download Baby Woodrose's Money For Soul Album in RAR Format

Money For Soul is the second album by Baby Woodrose, released in 2003 by Bad Afro Records. The album features 12 songs written by Lorenzo Woodrose, who also plays guitar, organ and vocals. The other members of the band are Riky Woodrose on bass and vocals, and Rocco Woodrose on drums and percussion. The album was recorded at Ark Studio in Copenhagen and mixed by JÃrgen Hendlmeier at Kalle's in GÃteborg.

The album showcases Baby Woodrose's energetic and catchy style of psychedelic garage rock, with songs like Honeydripper, Disconnected, Hippie Chick and You Better Run. The album also contains some mellower and more melodic tracks, such as Carrie, Money For Soul and Rollercoaster. The album's biggest hit was Everything's Gonna Be Alright, a catchy and optimistic anthem that became a radio favorite in Denmark and abroad.

Money For Soul received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and was nominated for a Danish Music Award for Best Rock Album in 2003. The album also helped Baby Woodrose gain more exposure and popularity outside Denmark, especially in Germany, Sweden and Spain. The band toured extensively in Europe to promote the album, playing at festivals like Roskilde, Hultsfred and Azkena Rock.

Money For Soul is available as a CD or a vinyl LP from Bad Afro Records. The CD version contains a bonus track called Volcano, which is not included on the vinyl version. The album can also be downloaded as a RAR file from various online sources. A RAR file is a compressed archive that contains multiple files or folders. To open a RAR file, you need a software program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock, garage rock or just good rock music in general, you should definitely check out Money For Soul by Baby Woodrose. It is one of the best albums of its genre and one of the most exciting rock albums of the 2000s.

Baby Woodrose was founded by Lorenzo Woodrose after he left his previous band, On Trial, in 2001. Lorenzo Woodrose had already released a solo album called Blows Your Mind in 2001, which he recorded using a four-track recorder and various instruments. The album was well received by critics and fans of psychedelic rock, and Lorenzo Woodrose decided to form a band to play his songs live.

Baby Woodrose's debut album was called Dropout!, released in 2002 by Bad Afro Records. The album consisted of cover versions of obscure 60s and 70s garage rock and psychedelic rock songs, such as Can't Explain by The Who, Dandelion Seeds by July and Who's It Gonna Be by The Lollipop Shoppe. The album was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs, giving it a raw and authentic sound. The album was also a tribute to Lorenzo Woodrose's musical influences and heroes.

After the success of Money For Soul, Baby Woodrose continued to release albums and tour around the world. Their third album was called Love Comes Down, released in 2006 by Bad Afro Records. The album featured more original songs by Lorenzo Woodrose, as well as a cover version of The Beatles' Baby You're A Rich Man. The album was more polished and diverse than their previous albums, showing the band's musical evolution and maturity. 04f6b60f66


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