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Download __FULL__ Cheat Lost Saga Gear Permanent

In online multiplayer games, players may use macro scripts, which automate player actions, to automatically find items or defeat enemies for the player's advantage. The prevalence of massively multiplayer online games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online, EverQuest, Guild Wars, and RuneScape has resulted in the trading of in-game currency for real-world currency.[22] This can lead to virtual economies. The rise of virtual economies has led to cheating where a gamer uses macros to gain large amounts of in-game money which the player will then trade for real cash.[23] The Terms of Service of most modern online games now specifically prohibit the transfer of accounts or sale of in-game items for 'real-world' money. Depending on the company running the game, this may or may not be taken seriously. Many online games subtly allow trading of in-game currency for real-life cash due to resources required for the company to find and catch gold buyers, as well as the revenue lost when banning someone buying gold.

Download Cheat Lost Saga Gear Permanent


1.) Call Emma a few times...2.) Call Rose to save your game and after you save she will get all huffy about you being with another woman.Contributed By: ferarri123 2 0Enhance Grip Level Easier PS2You can enhance your grip level by doing 100 pull-ups on a ledge, or you can do 10 drop-and-cathes. To do a drop-and-catch, find two ledges which are parrelel to each other. Hang off the higher ledge, and press X, then repeatedly press Triangle. You should grab on the lower ledge. If you do this 10 times, you get an enhanced grip level. There are 3 total grip levels. Two ideal places to do this are the Tanker's Engine Room, and the Plant's Strut D.Contributed By: Cnl_Campbell 6 1Guy on toilet from MGS1 PS2When you get to the Shell 1 Core and you're supposed to listen in on a conversation between Solidus and Ocelot, point the Directional Microphone over to the left near the stage and you should hear Johnny from MGS1 talk to himself. It has a hilarious ending.Contributed By: TkPak619 6 0More grip PS2If you hang on a ledge and press L2 and R2 you will do a pull-up. If you do enough of these, your grip level will rise. The maximum is level 3.Contributed By: Mike_Loubet 2 0Unlock all Characters for VR Missions PS2If you are lucky enough to have The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2, complete all 5 VR Missions. Have this memory card inserted when you select VR Missions on the Substance disk, and you will have all 5 hidden characters unlocked from the get-go. You will have 00% for each character despite finishing the 5 VR Missions on TDoMGS2.Contributed By: pacokorn77 3 0USP Supressor and Marines in Boxers. PCAfter completing the Tanker once, play it again. The USP Supressor will now be in the Crow's Nest after fighting your first boss fight. Also, when you reach the last hold, all the Marines will be in their boxers, not just one.Contributed By: CidHighwindFF7 1 0Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater CheatsCodesIntro movie controls PS2Do the following during the intro movie:EffectCodeChanges opening credits to 4 different languages and into slithering snake bones.L3Changes the symbolsPress R3Credits will make waves as they move across the screenRotate the left analog sticklittle circles come up to the screen.Press any D-pad buttomSinger whispers "Snake Eater"Press R1Symbols appear on screenMove the right analog stickContributed By: Dinob0t, mario_masta, sergetrigger 22 10Konami Code PS2When the very first Konami logo appears, enter the following:EffectCodeChanges the names in the intro movie to the names of the people who designed the intro.Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, TriangleContributed By: Video_Gamer_Z 25 4Make whereabouts of The End show up on your map. PS2Type in this code in the menu on the map screen to see the location of The End during your battle with him. This code will have to be inputed every time you leave the map screen and come back to the map screen.EffectCodeMakes the location of The End show up on your map during the battle with him.Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Square TriangleContributed By: GLAMPIRE 30 11Play With The Title Screen PS2You can mess around with the animation and background at the title screen by pressing different buttons.EffectCodeChanges the background design.L3Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.L1Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.L2Changes the screen's color.R3Slows down the Snake vs. soldier animation.R2Speeds up the Snake vs. soldier animation.R1Turns the background black so that you can only see Snake fighting the soldier.TriangleContributed By: Jiefuti 17 4X-ray Poses PS2While in the the Cure Screen hit R1 twice this will activate different animations from body building techniques to stances. EffectCodeX-Ray Pose AnimationsR1Contributed By: ps2insight 21 3GlitchesBody full of crossbow bolts PS2When fighting The Fear, before you beat him, let him hit you a few times with his crossbow. The bolts will stay in your body, and you are supposed to remove them through the Cure menu. If you beat him, you will automatically be healed fully, but the bolts will still be stuck in you for the rest of the game. If you go to your Cure menu, you will see them sticking out of you, but you can't remove them. They are visible with any camo you wear, but not visible during cutscenes.Contributed By: Klaydoggy 23 8No Damage Through Torture PS2Hold L2 during the entire torture sequence to not recieve any damage when Volgin punches you. It must remain held down until cutscene where he leaves otherwise any damage that would have been done is still dealt.Contributed By: MGRaiden 25 7Tight Space GLITCH. PS2First equip the binoculars, then quick unequip.Enter a tight space, like a vent, and as SOON as the camera begins to move into 'Intrusion Mode' aka First Person immediatly equip the binoculars. You will continue to move forward WITH the binoculars equiped, but you will not be able to control Snake at all, except to unequip the binoculars, which will then return everything to normal.Contributed By: StroutX 17 5Unlockables''I like______!'' Unlockables. 3DSTo unlock these, choose the specified phrase when starting a new game.UnlockableHow to UnlockAUSCAM Camo.Choose "I like MGS1!"Banana Camo.Choose "I like MGS PEACE WALKER!"Desert Tiger Camo and Raiden Mask in the intro cutscene.Choose "I like MGS2!"DPM Camo.Choose "I like MGS4!"Flecktarn Camo, Green and Brown facepaints.Choose "I like MGS3!"Grenade Camo.Chose "I like all the MGS games!"Mummy Camo.Choose "I'm playing MGS for the first time!"Contributed By: OmegaZero633 6 3Boss Camo PS2Defeat certain bosses by lowering their stamina to zero using the tranquillizer. This unlocks special camos that give you specific abiilites.UnlockableHow to UnlockAnimalsBeat OcelotCold WarBeat VolgenFireBeat The FuryHornet StripeBeat The PainMossHold up The EndSnakeBeat The BossSpiderBeat The FearContributed By: Ludwig_Von_2 30 10Boss Camos 3DSIf you defeat a boss by deleting its stamina gauge or other tricks, you'll unlock bonus camos with unique abilities.UnlockableHow to UnlockAnimals CamoBeat Ocelot by reducing his stamina gauge to zero.Cold War CamoDefeat Volgin by reducing his stamina gauge to zero.Fire CamoDefeat The Fury by reducing his stamina gauge to zero.Hornet Stripe CamoDefeat The Pain by reducing his stamina gauge to zero.Moss CamoSneak up on The End and hold him up with a weapon.Snake CamoDefeat The Boss by reducing her stamina gauge to zero.Spider CamoDefeat The Fear by reducing his stamina gauge to zero.Spirit CamoDefeat The Sorrow by reaching the end of the river.Contributed By: Polymathic 4 0Camera 3DSWhen you break out of the jail cell in Groznyj Grad, check the office across the hallway. You can acquire a camera that can take photos at any point in the mission. Beat the game, and it'll automatically be added to your inventory on your next playthrough.UnlockableHow to UnlockCameraAcquire the Camera in the Groznyj Grad jail, then beat the game.Contributed By: Polymathic 2 0Duel Mode Unlockables PS2The following items can be unlocked by beating both types of Duel Mode, only available on the PAL version.UnlockableHow to UnlockDPM CamouflageBeat Special Duel ModeGreen Face PaintBeat Normal Duel ModeContributed By: SuperStealthDud 20 2European Extra's PS2Extra Things In EU VersionsUnlockableHow to UnlockDuel modeBeat The Game OnceEuropean Extreme ModeBeat The game onceTheather ModeBeat The Game OnceContributed By: jake484 17 5EZ Gun PS2You must capture all types of animals and plants in the game, you dont have to eat them and they can be rotten, and once you have captured one you can discard it from your backpack because it has been recorded as it having been caputred, there are 48 in total to be captured.Contributed By: SWEETISTSIN 21 0EZ Gun PS2UnlockableHow to UnlockAlternate EZ GunStart on Very Easy and you'll have it when you start.Contributed By: Ragnar0k0nline 22 6EZ Gun On Any Difficulty 3DSThroughout the game, there are many plants and fauna to collect. If you are able to successfully capture one of each type in the game ( 48 in total), you will unlock the EZ gun. The EZ gun is normally only available on easy mode. It gives you a minimum camo of 80%, has unlimited ammo and is a silenced tranquilizer that will restore your stamina as long as it is equipped. Note that you only have to obtain one of each type of plant/animal, and not actually eat them. The EZ gun does count as a special item so will disqualify you from obtaining some of the higher ranks in the game.UnlockableHow to UnlockEZ Gun on All DifficultiesCollect all the flora/fauna in the gameContributed By: yzman 3 0Facepaints and Camos 3DSAside from the camos and paints you can find during the mission, several can be obtained after beating the game.UnlockableHow to UnlockAUSCAM Pattern CamoBeat the game.Banana Pattern CamoBeat the game.Brown Face PaintBeat the game.Desert Tiger Pattern CamoBeat the game.DPM Pattern CamoBeat the game.Flecktarn Pattern CamoBeat the game.Green Face PaintBeat the game.Grenade Pattern CamoBeat the game.Mummy Pattern CamoBeat the game.TuxedoBeat the game.Contributed By: Polymathic 4 0Hilarious Radio Chats PS2Note: You may have to call a few times to get the desired conversation.To hear these conversations you must complete the following requirements:UnlockableHow to Unlock"Box" ConversationEquip a Box and call Sigint. (Very Funny)"Chocolate Chip" ConversationWear "Choco Chip" Camo and call Sigint"Glowcap" ConversationEat a Glowcap and Call Para-Medic"Granin" ConversationCall Sigint after speakng to Granin"Patriot" ConversationCall Sigint with the Patriot equiped"Pretty" ConvoCall Para-Medic after catching a Green Tree Python"Tsuchinoko" ConversationCatch a Tsuchinoko and Call Para-MedicFunny ConversationWear "Naked" Camo and call SigintRaiden conversationCall Major Zero after obtaining the Officer camo, with the mask and Officer camo equippedSigint's nightmare conversationCall Sigint after waking up from nightmare (the nightmare appears when you load a save file while in the prison cell)Contributed By: samthebigkid, Bad_Theory, Game_Freak_999, infoman80 18 2Infinity Face Paint 3DSBefore reaching Groznyj Grad, be sure to capture a Tsuchinoko alive. Keep it in a cage and do not eat it. After you reclaim your equipment at the waterfall, you'll have to recapture it in the same area. If you have a live Tsuchinoko in your inventory when you beat the game, you'll unlock the Infinity Face Paint, which gives all of your weapons infinite ammunition.UnlockableHow to UnlockInfinity Face PaintBeat the game with a live Tsuchinoko in your inventory.Contributed By: Polymathic 3 0International Flag Face Paints 3DSSuccessfully achieve all 27 rankings in the game and you will be rewarded with the international flag face paints from Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.UnlockableHow to UnlockAmerican Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsEnglish Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsFrench Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsGerman Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsItalian Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsJapanese Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsSoviet Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsSpanish Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsSwedish Flag Face PaintObtain All 27 RankingsContributed By: yzman 4 2Misc. Unlockables PS2UnlockableHow to UnlockBanana CamouflageGet the highest record time in every stage of Snake vs. MonkeyColt Single Action ArmyChoose the gun on the right during the final duel.Extreme Difficulty ModeComplete the game onceIntro movie on title screenComplete Virtuous MissionMechanic UniformIn Second Locker on Far Right in Groznjy Grad (Near the locker where you put Major Raikov at)Mosin NagantDefeat The End/MK22 onlyMoss CamoDefeat The End by sneaking up behind him during battle and pointing a gun at him. He will lay on the ground. Point the gun at his head three times, aiming elsewhere when he speaks.PatriotComplete the game onceSnake vs. Monkey levels 4 and 5Complete the game onceSneaking SuitIn Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad)Stealth CamouflageFind and shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs that are scatter through out the whole game.Stealth Camouflage (alternate method)Beat the game with no alertsTuxedo CamouflageComplete the game onceContributed By: Dinob0t, SenorWeasel, Salarian, rougewisp, Ayane, Nosna616 28 8Obtainable Facepaint and Uniforms. PS2Most camos can be found lying in the Jungle at relatively well hidden locations. Some camos have to be downloaded using a network adaptor and a memory card.UnlockableHow to UnlockCamo Chocolate ChipBolshaya Past South.Camo Ga-KoChyornyj Prud, underwater in northeast.Camo GrenadeDownload it to your memory card.Camo MummyDownload it to your memory card.Camo Rain DropDremuchij North, under the rope bridge on the far side.Camo SantaDownload it to your memory card.Camo SnowPeschera Cave, on the right branch before the Pain.Camo SplitterBolshaya Past South.Camo ValentineDownload it to your memory card. (JP and EU versions)Camo WaterBolshaya Past Base.Facepaint DesertPonizovje Warehouse.Facepaint KabukiTikhogornyj, at the bottom of the pool before the waterfall.Facepaint OyamaGraniny Gorky Lab, Exterior. In the air duct.Facepaint SnowBolshaya Past Base, In the fox hole on the left side of the middle buildingFacepaint WaterAfter talking to Granin and fighting The Fear, go all the way back to the beginning of Ponizovje South.Facepaint ZombieRassvet during snake eater mission. Behind the building.Fly CamouflageIn the third bathroom stall on the second floor of the building where Granin is (it's locked so break the door down).Infinity Face PaintBeat the game with the Foxhound RankInfinity Face Paint (alternate method)Catch a live Tsuchinoko before torture scene. After you get your weapons, go back and capture it again just outside. Finish the game with it alive.Monkey MaskComplete every level in Snake vs. MonkeysSpirit camouflageLast all the way through Sorrow's riverUniform MaintenanceGroznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker. Same time as the Sneaking Suit.Uniform OfficerSteal it from Raikov.Uniform ScientistGiven to you by Eva.Uniform Sneaking SuitGroznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. In the locker with the red stripe.Contributed By: James_Mason, SuperSaiyanGoku, segafreak55, Lockee_2, dasviolator, Renamon, Mr_Chimps, HeeroAC195 18 4Peep Show Movie PS2Collect all the game cutscenes in Demo Theatre mode and you will unlock a movie called Peep Show. It is various cutscenes inloving EVA in her underwear.UnlockableHow to UnlockPeep Show Movie.Collect all the Movies in Demo Theatre.Contributed By: gamesmaster_no1 19 2Rankings 3DSDepending on your performance during the mission, you'll unlock rankings after beating the game.UnlockableHow to UnlockBearBeat the game with 250 or more serious injuriesCatBeat the game with 100 or more savesCentipedeBeat the game with 51 or more continues, 35 or less alert modes, and 100 or less people killedChameleonBeat the game with no Alert Modes.Chicken Rank50 or more hours, 100 or more saves, 60 or more continues, 250 or more alert modes, 250 or more people killed, 250 or more serious injuries...CowBeat the game with 250 or more alert modesCrocodileBeat the game with 250 or more kills.DobermanBeat the game on Normal, under 5h30m, 5 alerts, no continues, and with Pigeon requirementsEagleBeat the game in five hours or less.FoxBeat the game on hard, with less than 35 saves, 3 alerts, no life med's used, no continues, and with Pigeon, and Eagle requirementsFoxHoundExtreme, 25 or less saves, 5 bars of life,no life med's,no special items used,no continues, and with Chameleon,Pigeon,Tortoise,and Eagle requirementsGiant PandaBeat the game with 50 or more hours of play timeHoundBeat the game under any difficulty with 6 hours or less, 10 alerts, no continues, no life meds, no special itemsJaguarBeat the game with 50 or less continues, 36 or more Alert Modes, and 100 or less kills.LeechBeat the game with a leech attached to your body.LeopardBeat the game with 51 or more continues, 36 or more alert modes, and 100 or less people killedPantherBeat the game with 50 or less continues, 36 or more Alert Modes, and 101 or more kills.PigBeat the game with 250 or more meals eatenPigeonBeat the game with 0 people killedPumaBeat the game with 51 or more continues, 36 or more alert modes, and 101 or more people killedScorpionBeat the game with 50 or less continues, 35 or less Alert Modes, and 100 or less kills.SpiderBeat the game with 51 or more continues, 35 or less alert modes, and 101 or more people killedTarantulaBeat the game with 50 or less Continues, 35 or less Alert Modes, and 101 or more kills.TortoiseComplete the game with 20 or less Serious Injuries.TsuchinokoBeat the game with a live Tsuchinoko in your inventory.WhaleBeat the game having captured every captured plant and animal.YoshiBeat the game and shoot every Yoshi figure. Multiple clears are allowed.Contributed By: Polymathic, iPacheco, AWM100, KyleRXZero, mgo300, BlazeFaia 4 3Stealth Camouflage 3DSIf you beat the game with absolutely no Alert Modes, you'll unlock the Stealth Camouflage. When equipped, it renders Snake invisible to guards.UnlockableHow to UnlockStealth CamouflageBeat the game with no Alert Modes.Contributed By: Polymathic 3 0Unlockable Ending Rankings PS2Every difficulty setting has unique unlockable rankings that may be unlocked depending on your performance throughout the game. Below are the possible unlockable rankings and the requirements to unlock them.UnlockableHow to UnlockAlligator - Any Difficulty81-249 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 KillsBat - Normal RankingNo AlertsCapybara - Normal RankingPlay Time over 30 hoursCat - Easy and Very Easy RankingSave over 100 timesCentipede - Any Difficulty1-20 Alerts, 41 or more continues, 1-100 killsChicken - Easy and Very Easy DifficultiesAlert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 timesCow - Special RankingAlert Mode raised over 300 timesCrocodile - Any


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