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Lotus One Shot Kit WAV _HOT_

Inside you will find 224 loops and one-shots across 460MB of content, including 3 mini-construction kits, to help you get your ideas flowing as quickly as possible! These beautiful samples are delivered in 24 Bit WAV Format, with tempos ranging from 84-89BPM, and acidized, so they change to the tempo of the track you are currently working on. This pack is perfect to add some mystical, Eastern vibes to any Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Chill Trap and Trip Hop productions!

Lotus One Shot Kit WAV

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I ''0- i ,1I jSnTY-NlSTII YEAR. NEVV YORK, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1871. - TRICE TWO GENTS. ' -Hdr. greeley's uds or to tiie autlbsscntLDitKS or uie ronissr.the Opinion af Irreverent Itnl Men wue.Hnvcn't Ilentl the I. Meat Works on Airrlctill lire The Client 1'iirnier' Opinionon the 0.ililinu ul' Women Toting..Dtre.pondence ol Hie fut-.Oimgx 11 at, Wis., fc'ept. 0. The audiencoWhich (.reeled Mr. Oretliy In Oshkosh lust evening:stes very fine one, numbering at least 1.J0O pertons, Ttey frequently peeled tie dletlntultitodlaaaker with rapturous ap.dxuio . Clad In thu well'known whl.e overeoat and a well-worn suit of blackbroadcloth, Mr. Greeley appeared on tbe stszo carrjiiij, under Ills arm the manuscript copy of lilt leetare, carelully wrsppetl In red bandanna handktrIhlef Hie woman question It one on which Mr.Qrerle) It pccullsriy kirpi'i nnd List night he wasIn bU plcattntett mood, He denounced the womenMitators In the itron-ut terms, end scattered lolb tecr winds cf hearru thslr atawllcn thatwoman In thbi coanlrr I' nude tbo slav e of man.Tbe equaB, said be, who carry to tbelr lodge thedeer Cul tbelr huitanda aboot. are (Imply lollor.lag out Uod't purpose. II lie didn't lutcnd thattbey sliuuld do to, the necessity tor It woul I be re1 moved. Tbelr auibanda' bcailt would be inoved toenrr) M Ce tbcmaOlve!. Mr. Qiecley addtdthat it wts Lard to tell what tbe women reallymated, or Ib. y dccd thtlr rlzt.ts. In Now1'orU -uiue of tnr.l detun led as i right that tbeyIi03 d to Ulluwed tOitt s ror. Tnr ratsiptxcr,gmry two husband", nnd live In Hit name l.nuiorim OjiIi. l'hls rliht, Mr. Utcelc) rerretted tonr, ui..ny perrons, Inclt-dlug several ctiliors nudHvtyers f celebrity, icosiieJ willing to accord them.In Wionlng they deiuaudel tno rlxht to eit onlurtrs, bars murderers, and, for all ho knew, drli.UItu auJ smoke. In Wisconsin lie did nut knowRb Iff) wauled, but he Loped lor their own takesliny who more modtrutu In Weir tlenanus.IVonv, be and, Lad a rlgi t to pet theirhtisbsn 'a ahd tu.'se tin bibles that GodiU.l.t .Ire t hex. Mr. tlrceley coulluued Inlata I'rilo lor moro'liiin nn hour, and re. eu beItt down and drew lil nest bsndkircllofacross n.s luce and iold eictac1rR a about of appilule went np that shout, tl.o bulldln; tu Its cenlre.The newspaper, hele sp.-ak In the hljjbcit ler.uiof i r. llurlej'a tfiurt. and In this they but exprctitut tintuviit of the auJIcncr, which w.u mainlytonipoi-d of tbe and nc.ilth cl thecommuhlty. Karuiera. lawycre, mech nlcj, Concret'iurn, ai.d merctiai.ta attended, and ill J tutlint tin. r applaute. It It ceitalu It.ul the Inhabit.tiito ct 0..iLo.t. bav: idr. Uiw.i.y to jo i,!ttb uituan quettiou, and will aavport h!in It r an;office wnrre bu is array .1 againit that Isuu.LIUCCtll Ol'T or UCU UEIOUE 1.VTPRKK.1 t.ia tuomlni: at tho uuieavnabie hour of 3 Mr.Orerit naa ir.u-cd iYuin bll Tvnrin bed andtuiifxid Into a train for Una placj. Altera tediousrlae ol tLree hoara be orrlrcd, aud uaa tikeu Inband by lie Hun. V. D, l'u.'iir, atnhoie boiucbe lll remain over Sunday. Shortly alter bit arrival, a e inmunlcailon T.-as put luto lila lands from1 t telejiiou of Indians from Itie SlccklrlJ--Ulnomonep,Onild:, and llroiberton trlboi. r-- tt;iw;4)i'--. -el. sei-r?.-.--rationa lew inlUs dl-tict, on tho shores of GreenIliy 1 1. (jieclcy bs kcccrled tho invitation, an 1fill ri.i ut tn Mocday at It o'clock. Tbewi Indinn u.t 1. r?elv erjrazed In arlcultntal pursuits,tod d -i e to atjll tbcmiclrcj of llr. Greelet'sKkit.- -iTt KX iWLEoaB or rauuixa.t 1' in iritid that three thousand Indians it 111aJJ-. uibl? to pay tliclr respocts and listen to theMon'.i 01 vltdom that will fall from tbe philosopher'-llje.Tbe Mu.ououco t.lbe are not greatfamr 'Jh r,.ni thuLr t.nte orluclsally In fliiLey. Iiuii'-inc m.d KetunX drnnk; 1'llt th'y willTaerrr 1 com I i- Mr. Orcley npd It l to b?JjopJ w.ll listen lo Mm rrs;clVy. There Isar.otli.r irl e mar U.bkcsli callod tho Cluppawus.Tbe) are Iru.-.-lcrs fiom Ibe oriz'inl Itlbo. Is .111 J. irreclaimable Indians. They don'tkaow ji.y bluz nt all a tout larmlnir, "n 1 one of themwhen :i i"achrd on tho tub J ct of tills tcceptlonrt to irreverent as to say that borii'.s'T us. okeclkt pid.Of 01 :-e with such depraved natures as tee itTvoul c Imrotiiblc lor Mr.ltlrreley to do ai.vthl'i.r,ml he 1. very gli 1 that the Chlppewrs will no:tike In il.e reception. Ti.oc.tucr ludlins arerer cl!' le iaTace, tnd, cicei t the wicked Menoracnnt, ii' inUrlnk lite water or tcln antbody.Tlit ill alien said thut tho priniipil farmersaaioiK tbtm deslrtd to ireiri.t or Mr. Uroelc)'.laiptctii 1. some of the tpcclmcua or their 1 rodoctr.Mr. Oioiley exputted great cra'.i9catlon at this,and said I10 was dl umrd to tie such pro:rcstimonc tlio In .l-ns, anl tint f their br tbren ont'i p!i.ii nouid dij 1 vimliar li.'uils Of uiduilrfJ ' steti.ouu eoon bare n tettUimtLt ol the IcdunJ jioa-.nn.I Whtro tlm U'opirn Vote.1 Tlie Itepubllcms claim u i i'jmlly in on trancliel tbe Wjtmirx Lei'ltlalure, ohlch wat largelyDeaiocritli last tear. Ab 'Ut one "lx'li (if the volesti in L.naii is cuuu'y w Mbyomen. The con..lyilT.ta .arse Uerno- lutic r-ajorlly.Itl oir.uii't lutellrct Itero.inlnd.Tli- ) anel eiter, England, School Hoard luteetui' m u ieMytd to en. ploy ino tanti eliai lep-t" i .t tu.tort, Hlihuot dltliuition ol y s.tbe suinile ot n I luihln Mcrrhani In .llm.dottjul it-ret,Jubn ( . tdwardi, about 45 yean of eje, nrsil'l y nivalin from ADalaelilcli, l-'.orl ls, cuinrife . 11,!, -le litt iiltrbl at 1 10 Macdoiual street, byilojl u-1 in t if tbio'iili the heal. Mr. Uj.ard,lei m2jr!iii: from Ilrlchfs illesmu of tinkllue -, r. me cl (mil t le fc'uuin about two monthtto 101 11 ci'.,cal t'rain.uin. He look a room on theIj't i'ie. tad j land hlni'elf tihiltr trealment !I)r S ,1 c ark, Hi We.l l!utlon street, fm wboretear in , , 1 , , ,. iiru.,i n qjuujrs 10 M .e .011-M ivk la-t n-:ht Mr. EJwards sent hn r,urwKirwui , 11. ( .ik k. .t him In hi r . 1. luBfduir , at.ertie il. ,v,i,it 11' th.i nfr-e lie khi.lsirn..i. ii,t !je.,,t sirt veil tn w.-Ofta, it. .1 i. ... j. in,(lc rrmi i.oi 11c vacant, tnr InBus of the l.ou-e cru m t iwuie ul that t.-aucdy.las in ui w.. luuud HI Cu'im.l.iii, nu.l tned-tJ'' v.. i.t n 1 nu r' 'ir, I n Duly l. and over 01Jt m a. 11. .11 : wtilcn l it riLt aim .'er,i j 1 A 1 ir-e rnoin r w. hlna on the t t r," i' 1 .i cr..i led to 1 l.,s hind, aim li.v b.ou.i1 c' a v . lw 1 rjuc'.lv 111 tht cent' u'' .t il Mi h a.rla lo.vcs a anl"""il .n Aalc hula, !.i eldest d-ushttr bflnc"'luta,J ll'Ueiih's l .meiiil -103,001) l'eteoua inA .Mleniliiiii i',m i .(iir ox.1rr, Sept. 10. Tho funeral olK'Olir'l. 1 . osruiinii, timli plaro here to da' .Jit yjiiiirie rv ftit;.' r.a.'J:f ,', "'. '.' ' o.t-b.-i f 1 ( 01,19 h r.itnre 1 tinth -'J J "' Ci.i.eouie vtut o aiv t thath..L'."". . 'te 11.0 leinamt utie Ueioiuadmu. ti din ice ,I'mUblr .H.urti i- by n hiiii.i..I,nr.' '''"'1 in u fnmuy row in tlie tenenicnt"I.i U .irert Uihhd I'oiei Nolsn, G5 )eat of'I' . ncaw o'ilall-.-. his son In-law. O'Mtilley' o. iuau ., a col, and kickkd blu Init lug Mid rui. r'y puttum out hit rlabi0 ji , V. lr 1! tlp'auiily li.tsr'ored, amibl ,, , ' 0 r r K ,CJp Hem. J All Here- t W '-'"TMn-'oiia,iuiiiiii.,Triir1, , '": ' ' 11 I'uiee Huueon biiVillo,I'.i, 'i uii..t tenons. Nuin ill.'td V "''u1 ' Jkc 4 H'ii.).a.mai;si. tt, (vl. Itoniiei'k Plyir, it-ti h fl 11 p.h '" 'lii.y mile ir. Ilcniiei's hay nuio To.Cu"'"" on Uie Usetwowl I'oikv t,"1' 11 1 l'""tUim ivtr tuide i'U ti a'"'"., ,' '." n Vi" 'i''," "f" H ""'i'"r,. , 1 iiud.y after 1r111tl11n.n1''i 11 1 if,'".'"' ' ''" " w" tiiiiiwii 01., am.Kit . 1 1 " ' "-d uueu no 1 iiy.ou 1 10Ho '"",' I'liiliiatimiiil Ul.loil In llnvil- lt'"r)J4 ,l1' woid while from theirf"' aElH"' Jbnoii. of II Ulmnre, w.11'm, Vi-V "' Jol" ' Ildeii, ol Nowiue cujcaoo ciivncn lr.ut.Incitement In Christ Cbureli Vetler.lavTiie Ilevi .11 ri Cheney not Keroarlicl Inlit Own House of Worship liv lllthopWhlteh.inse -The ninhop'n .'Innlftito.Correiconaence ot Tlie Fun.Chicago, Sept. 10. According lo previous nnonncemeiit, Illshop Whllchcu'c, accompanied byDr. V. Kellr, wentto Cbrhl Lburch this morn.In?, to administer tho rite of confirmation. Theplace as filled to tbo sidewalk Trlta curious spectators. Kipcctlm trouble, the Dlflmp, with tlieKey. Dr. Kelly, came at 10,'jT to the vestry room bytbe tide entrance, accomoalned by Mr, Albert Crane,tho Junior wirdrn, who had met him nt the door oftbechutcb, Mr. K. II. Phillips, tho ttnlor warden,was Malum with tno Ilev. Mr. Cheney, who was inhis sutpllce, bands and scarf, lo receive the lllinoplu the leslry loom.On ll.e liirhop's entrance, Mr. Ihtney steppedforward, snd eiteudUs Ms baud eald, "Ooodmornln;, llltlion."Tno mliop refused to return the salutation, andstld, "Icinuot recognize jon In anyway In Ihstzarb." Ho then turned to the wardens, and ontheir Jf irnce, In reply lo Ills qneitlon, that .Mr.Cheney vrae rector of Chrlt Church, bo demand"!whether they claimed tint he was a presbyter ofthe dlocr.e of Illinois. T h? replied that this wisnot the time or placo for nuy dlscn tion of that tubject. They Iben tol.l the lliihop that they shouldtu no way oppose bis oaK Inline, takint themole or sn part of (the ter le t he rtn ised ; thatho could dliecl tho ttrvlces, Mr. Cteny t.iklnc anyput. cr none s but that Hr. Cheney mul not bo excln led from the etiancol of his own cliunlt. Where,unon the lllfl.oprtad the luK.mlr.z, .yhlcli he badprepared beicie lenvlns his linm-:Tli rushon"' Illinois hr ifli-'rs1' (V d. I !iae com?tntnlsiiarnh ntt'hrl.t Church in ' rn inMi.i tiir lu--linntorieieiienn r ctu inul r.i'f 1 iv .im nt ,s-.itio 1,nfur due n',ii.or tiie e.iuio m ei i.. 1:1.-.111.1 nv tin- amlioilty . f Hi' u ,td-ii, t find nijrell ul'.tmu.vd l:i ti j inluhii.u' o' lay ilnties lo Aluanii r wh n 1 rlti . r ! i-., re'j.ect oR"!alI r.'ii le v a'!i)i n:e to dl.tivuiii. n I which 1 have noa'leqnat'' iir-ans 11 r-n'oinr. 1 nin mil nr d. aih-irar, .tt. ikUi'.i'Ofi t'AV (.'aTlVriUe MAM ni I Hit nWitffull ii'i-t ."CKnowunxs anl irecieo ns worthy andrnmpeutit 1.1 1: hn I nt ine ailaa a luluuier a.'iftaJedsf er tilt.: t. Ids t.etra rroi.i hit ofleif.In 1 In' ehm. h i'fiin.1 t'ns tus'iit aul hlndrsnca arelm- oc 1 i'j on r.e ntier my renieoiirsnen Hir.ltit Ittun'-wnlrite a 1 IiisiilinnHni"rti 10 my i-p.rpal11-1. horny. 1. 1 ilon al.n lu ill" I at.' or the wai nluj 11toifeOictcn II11 ailiiiinltriion of the aii.1 Invnlsie tn that rot ill u an ov-rl tiurpj.etof. psrnt' uaili.i irj.ti 'J lawiul and liial'raanlern.:n-c'lonlt'i the 1'rotesMit llelscajsl I ntireu ntlm I'nilril fiater. an Irun tbo rt'..eeie of lur.iol). ofwnun 1 i.itreiriT.oiTipdii.'.l st irlinal nca I.lVr till mal'f aianre Inm ul lo acrtltion 10 the morala d eilristiieal rleiinit'iney and tho violation ifoftlc'al JJcrnuni, ou t w-id. it. arc le-non'tlne.anu 11 in . oinviat ehsiacitr ai Ilii'.np of the I'loc.-te 1hcreorrnici unsolemn protest, but undr tils i-Juryan 1 com-.I'e.t.n I' ive ro honorao'e atlertisilvo tut 10turui.t to the 'ercc snd (etlro from theeauicj.Mr. Ci .me excepted to tho state-tents of the tper, eitc il y tho iil'cslon to lores." earns ', ,'U ,1-1' . . sy eniiatie hi'.ver had 'en iIn t'e H'shTi'imv In the 'n'l rerformancu of 'IsClcl il . utw ; and the hunt lew closed by theward-in strain ot.erln" the llisl ip tl. lull dlpeHon r.nd control of tie sen lei 1 tut cljtmnik' thnt, o H'shop iiij n riant to cjc'.ide iioiu a churci uson p.torTho li or, ttl'l drellnlrs to cf.lelate, tenk bisloatc, llr. Ilellv aceoniranjtni hint, lhc llishupreturned In hi oun cam i.e. wnlc.1 had followedthat of VI r. Crar.e, in widen the !)i-!iiid ivj) takento tho cliutcn. Tho protet was not nnedMr. Citi.ey and th Ili'Lop both nfticiatMl afternoot a it e renin tt their respective ciurcLts, butnelttrt alindtd to tne dlf.l(Ult,7 nn Jit Dsox vmii'.ii h.iji.l'athrrtl'HiilllTnii lilicrertlv Kerpliic tsvnyIrnm 1 hn Uxelted I'ai lliloner.Hcpjn.v, V., Sept. 10. TUo mcetinj? cf themembers of ft. .Man's parlti at HI. Mart's Hiltlast evinlui! was largely attendeJ, and the sc ionof tbo Vljlhneu Committee on l-'riday In retolvlnsto resist to the last ettrcmltyths relnilstement ofl'ather O'Sulllvaii was unanimously approved. Astrong entrd wm placed around the house of worship list ulxl.t and this tnorcirs. Contrary to ex1 relation, Falser O'fulllvan did not mike his ap.pesranco. and no nervi.rea were held 10 da). Acrowd 1: then J aiound the churcn th.s turcnoonut tertti.1 nrnr preyail-d. It vsa n rrtmneliuiIv .11 tli" day mat l-'utiicr U bulilvun .l.a'ti ls-.t evenln'4 to a inciia thm rlit' at he would no tm It rn. atij the er nvd SMO'iallvditcmed. 1 1 e libels re thin anl unite 1 111 1 heirtKruilnaii n t pr, vti 1 U'.-ullivau or any t tuadl eien'.s ti "n c.t. rlM', ti Uiureh at all liar, re.s,undsay u.u'. ti.. , are piepired for an u,i' r; ut,A rcllceiiiniiS I'.i.i'nuiiler Willi One at' theMu'teeutli Wind (Inns.YcolenUy niorning, Oflicer Levins of tho'ill, cinth street police elation saw four men comin? out of 'i Third avenue liquor (tore. Tne oClcerirdi ed them to n.n Iro'u the coiner, and Mtei-ael(M'.ahan, who lives in Fecond avenue, Lear Sixtyfifth j'.iett, cried out, " To b with you, you." The finally moved on. the tCicer fol-Io-silc,on hl btat. At Kcond aveuus and Sixtyr.tth sir. 1 1 '.all' ban turned. teU"rt t n lsrj;i stones,?nd tn.ule lor the officer, tnreatrtilna: to "ntiMcrt.'o .' tui'ahnu it'ts Rn illy prevaileduton bv h iriends ta 1 nur th bnne, 'l ho officerutmrid I. Is t slrol. When lie ir f'Mj.sxti ttreetthe 1 Seer neaid tome one ruunins iiyUhuid Mm.'fuil.'.nu, he aT Udlnuan With a oiicK, and rnililr xu on Mm. Tito oflicer pulled l is pistol and Ibiea.ened to shoot " t loot snd be " c illalian.The c filler fired lo frla-blcn the mm : bat C'aliahin,uu'iauuttd. olo-ed In and ttnKk tha o.tlLer u f'ar ulblow on the head witn tie Prick, the biool llowln:copiously from tie v. Hunt, lhu MnJiimn (...mii.u.'U tl.e oth't-r'n club, and .1 siruzttln lor its putt'ssidii en iid. Ih "1 w. 11 i ia p' i mlh bloud I'icintiie 1 tt. i r. . ni'.tl.iy rullid .i .1 nit-:, .1 0:1 the tdeyulk. none ul the larc" creml in" I'li'i about oll.r11c .'t'J iifsl-Ur.ce. Alur .1 n ini. L.iirju bt Callahan was t.ikeu to the Mnliller ol our Sntlnnnl lliimdn.The Cutntiiittee of .Va'iunjl lluiril ullivers, ofwimcIi Col. 1'ic l Meson ol tlm Thlrtevnlh Il-lmei.rIs iliilrioui), meet in the Ant"j unit Xvry Journali-flie to day, to p'epare w'ans fer tne nrEiuUaUmijf u N .l..-n;u Guard lull. Atsocmtlon. Tho tu jellol siliuutc nfie traetlcc hai at la't cl:llcii;id Ueattei.uou ef the Natl 'D.I Oujid of this aua othert-is'"s. Ihe recent luiirv.llouH aclilevenionts nt theK'.a'lsh tbljtiteers at Ion liru'1 at Wimbledonhue loiitnijuled to stl'imi tn luien-st In the subJm.1. Oni ol th ti.iili olijrtU ci the troimti-J asto.ei itb,n s tl e e-.tabllhiiia ot 111 LX.en.lve ntle riiruo'or pii'i-Ke'-v practice . Iilun ''. st aix.'S-i to tho cite, th - ofiiim. 01 ruliulib- vi is to t.u. xsinen. H4 evptc J,'. 1.1 ni. S:a,o Hoard aiip-alnte.1 10 tel. 011 bit c o it'll ; urat lor the use o: tlie s-Kte tnnpse.ll a' . lr r 'on 1:1 1 ; dv. iJ 1I..1I beore .) nv i . il enure .N.Kionil U'l ml v. ul oelllii III I W'll. til l new .-.i: out. A 11c iV II. 11". Ha1 mi: i' r. pruilcii.n"t 111 iiisrKim.tii 1) r will 1,0I., -li all ,ni'-d l.. llulnn 11 n is r,.t"u an entuur.'S uv ietii 1 to In urou "Inr m ti,e It..', i A jemt.nn,. .i-t . i . s 'it-.i.t 10 tto' lait ta an4 ia to far1 r 1:- o jo;..-.Imi.M'i ted til I lm .Iliinlrr ol Hr. Keller,I'L.iri.s I!. K 11. i- of M8 .Mntli uu'iiiitt wn,.itu 1. .1 iI-,hii Willi a tlmi! hhot In Hati-Uiv.t.rec It t 1 t n 1 Jay uis. t.w'ille no wasgnlni; homefrom tic C'ii!edon.uu uahies with lonia It lends.J.mes 1). nohue of Si vent flru street fiti.l rirtavuiiie wi seen lunn i.'nv.u). Il uinisoiaii lluinll;o.i 1 "lughl blm in a saloon, I lunj beulud ui.'.u' reetned n seti te cui un th bead, whichwas ut'i eiinl lo bv Lir IW..UH. Ktlitr w:i. unU'.ieto I it iiinv Itoiiohtiu as tie' mini wl.ohud tiiuck.J.n. li r. aiL. U. .''crt( i m..i ".a-Jvo,.i"k. al-.,mill lie itOrnte iu Lour, .vuuid I.11111 j4n.1l' 1iiiui in holuiux Uiii.uaui. h.i: run it. n to liltlimrie 111 11 i.irriaifi. I. l rt "I KUier be.n toouit. violently and tiuk rupully.Ike pii)iiii.m liiiii',( am. e fen.- t T . t Kellerr.onli. u"i r.'cuvtr. heiaeaiiC liobeut in 1 u tn. riui.ii 11.V1.S nialitn mid bs ittts t',.t itui.,ini itll.l ut'Uliai.l. DtliollUO was learii'Sli il. in:. 1 is htlj.Tiihis?iiI I'oleoniiiL' In lliuilord, Cuuu.riircr l persons wire poiaoinl in Ilanfonl,Conn., latt wiek, fiom outin; toittttoolt, inl-takiiijthe 'i lor lu'lihic .''il'. Twoin ono limily died eaiiyI. .M .V".'.i .tVieihtroiis iHiilte4.whfiaM-y,i;.nlii i" !' iwio poltoiivii, one ol wnom uled )eslerda. ,Tlie M)Mtt'rj til'llin Mniind.The Oy.-'or Hay myali i Ima not been clenreillip; i,u' t o liuiltsaloii ground that the bo))is tn-it nl I1m .Ti'iinie Hick ', wlm Is "till iniseinKnoni I in:, nl Willis li.Uitds in 1 isj.oitU witii theii 1. 1 . ui. il.


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