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Ragazzi Difficili: A Pedagogical Approach to Understanding and Intervening with Troubled Youth

Ragazzi Difficili (Difficult Children) is a book by Piero Bertolini and Letizia Caronia, first published in 1994 and revised in 2015, that offers a pedagogical interpretation and intervention strategy for dealing with deviant and antisocial behavior among minors. The book is based on a research project conducted by Bertolini in 1965, and draws on the phenomenological paradigm to propose an educational perspective that focuses on the subjective and objective dimensions of the problem.

The authors argue that deviant behavior is not a fixed or innate trait, but rather a dynamic and relational phenomenon that can be understood and transformed through an educational process. They suggest that educators need to adopt a holistic and empathic approach that considers the personal history, social context, cognitive processes, emotional states, and existential meanings of the troubled youth. They also emphasize the importance of creating a positive and supportive relationship between the educator and the student, based on trust, respect, dialogue, and mutual recognition.

The book presents a series of practical guidelines and examples for implementing an educational intervention that aims to expand the field of experience, stimulate the awareness and responsibility, foster the autonomy and creativity, and facilitate the construction of a new worldview for the difficult children. The book also includes stories of formation from former students who participated in the project, as well as an update on the current legislation and social challenges regarding juvenile delinquency.

Ragazzi Difficili is a classic text in the Italian pedagogical literature, that still offers valuable insights and inspiration for educators who work with challenging and vulnerable young people. The book is available in PDF format from Franco Angeli publisher[^1^].

The book is divided into three parts: the first part provides a theoretical and methodological framework for understanding and approaching the phenomenon of deviant behavior among minors; the second part describes the pedagogical intervention model and its phases and strategies; the third part illustrates the outcomes and reflections from the educational experience. The book also contains a preface by the editors, who contextualize and update the original text, and a bibliographical note with references and suggestions for further reading.

The authors of Ragazzi Difficili are Piero Bertolini, Letizia Caronia, Piero Barone, and Cristina Palmieri. Piero Bertolini (1932-2014) was a prominent Italian pedagogist and professor at the University of Bologna, who contributed to the development of the phenomenological pedagogy and the pedagogy of difficult children. Letizia Caronia is a sociologist and professor at the University of Bologna, who specializes in the study of communication and education in contemporary society. Piero Barone and Cristina Palmieri are researchers and professors at the University of Palermo, who have collaborated with Bertolini in several projects and publications on pedagogy. 248dff8e21


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