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Cracks are the number one reason pavement fails prematurely. Leaving cracks unsealed leads to potholes which create tripping hazards and damage cars. Water gets in to the foundation, causing damage to the asphalt base that costs hundreds - even thousands - per year in reduced lifespan of parking lots.

Parking lots that are crack sealed triple their lifespan. Compare that to the cost of replacing the asphalt every 12 years. All pavement needs to be replaced eventually, but you can exponentially increase its lifespan and keep that money in your own pocket.

Clean your asphalt cracks with an asphalt crack cleaner machine, crack cleaning brush, or screwdriver to get out all vegetation and debris. Then you can use your RY10 Pro to seal the asphalt cracks to be watertight.

This one-person portable machine saves you money and time: with its fast crack fill melting time, and fuel-saving enclosed burner design, you have everything you need to create a professional finish with a fraction of the labor other machines require.

Want to make crack filling even easier Add a Crack Cleaning Machine to rip out weeds, clean dirt out of cracks, and guarantee your hot rubber crackfill sticks to the side walls of the crack, creating the water tight seal that lasts longer.

Picture this: crawling along your pavement with a screwdriver chiseling weeds and debris out of the cracks. Then bending over, pouring liquid crackfiller (that will probably only last 6 months) with an aching back. And that's if you can even find someone willing to do that work for you! Get the job done fast and get better results with a contractor-grade crack repair machine.

If you have 2,000 linear feet of cracks to fill you'll break even on your first use. At just $1.50 an hour to operate, you're saving money from minute one. You can lay 450 per hour. Why not make it a business - it's a $450 an hour business!

The RY10 PRO asphalt crack filling equipment has an enclosed halo base-burner system that prevents flame outs, melts crack filler 50% faster and saves 50% on propane costs. The industry's only 4-wheel design RY10 PRO is safe, reliable, and efficient and by far our hottest seller. Our contractors report that they can run a couple of days on one standard 20-lb barbecue-style propane tank!

The RY10 PRO parking lot crack sealer has a flat-bottom steel melting plate that melts rubber crackfiller almost 50% faster than the traditional torch-fired crack seal melters, while also providing more even heat distribution. This allows you to start your crack repair jobs even faster with the RY10 PRO!

This asphalt crack filling equipment has fully electric push-button start design so that you don't need to try to use a striker or lighter to start. And if the flame blows out, our new auto-flame-out sensor will shut the gas off immediately. The sealed burner is equipped with a flameout sensor which detects flameouts commonly caused by wind and prevents fuel from flowing to the burner. These features increase the overall safety dramatically.

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