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Buy Italian Wine Online

These are often difficult to find bottles, destined for a particularly demanding clientele, as well as true admirers and those who wish to make the most of a glass.The result of our careful vine selection process is the collection of several precious bottles of reds, whites and rosés, that you can find in our online wine shop. The various labels come from every Italian region and have different vintages.

buy italian wine online

At the base of the remarkable and sought-after wines, there is patience as it is often necessary to renounce the vintage when the grapes are not up to expectations.The high quality italian wines have been subjected to long maceration times and left to rest in fine wooden barrels.In addition, once bottled, the wine is left to rest before being marketed. These processes can usually take several years.

Buying the fine Italian wines in our cellar means focusing on the most prestigious labels. Wisdom, competence and dedication of the producer are the winning keys for the production of a precious wine. In this regard, we start from the meticulous choice of the vine that offers a suitable microclimate and optimal soil. Subsequently, the best bunches are selected and manually collected.

Even the transport does not admit lightness: the bunches are placed in small containers, to avoid the grapes to be crushed and the fermentation to start prematurely, compromising the quality of the wine.

Wine has been made in Italy for at least 3,000 years, and today the country is the world's largest wine producer. The local Etruscans and Greek settlers were the first to plant vines here, followed by the Romans who started making wine in the 2nd century BC. Italian wines are typically very food-friendly and pair perfectly with the country's delicious pasta dishes, hearty game and red meat stews, and fresh seafood from the coast. Buy Italian wines online at 8Wines and enjoy our curated selection of hard-to-find wines.

Wine is produced all over Italy and the country has 77 legally-defined appellations or regions which are given the label DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin). Producers must follow strict rules to label their wines under these Italian wine appellations which helps to maintain high quality standards across the country. Key Italian wine regions for red wines include the Piedmont in the north which is home to Barolo and Barbaresco, Veneto which is known for its Amarone, and Tuscany in central Italy. For white wines, look at wine regions in Italy like Soave in Veneto, Le Marche for Verdicchio, and the island of Sardinia for Vermentino.

Indigenous Italian wine varieties range from the powerful Nebbiolo used to make Barolo to ethereal and refreshing whites like Pinot Grigio, Verdicchio, and Garganega which is used to make Soave. Other top Italian wine grapesto know include Tuscany's iconic Sangiovese which is grown throughout the country, the humble Glera grape used to make Prosecco, and Primitivo, Negroamaro and Aglianico which make powerful red wines in the southern region of Basilicata and Puglia.

The rolling hills of Tuscany (Toscana) are home to vineyards producing rich wines with a bold, bright flavour. Famous Tuscan wines include Chianti Classico, Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino. The region is also renowned for its experimental Super Tuscan wines, which blend Sangiovese with international grapes like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fantastic range of wines all superbly described informing both those who have an educated palate and those like me who really benefit from professional insight. Oleg and Elvira are exceptional people and the quality of wine, service and support is a reflection of them and second to none.

In our wine shop you will find over 3,000 wines from all wine regions of Italy. Buy wine classics such as Brunello, Barolo, Chianti or Amarone conveniently online. Italian red wine, white wine, rosé wine, sweet wine and sparkling wine - from Prosecco to Metodo Classico to Franciacorta - are available for immediate dispatch in our air-conditioned wine warehouse.

Whether Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto, South Tyrol or Piedmont - with us you will find high-quality red and white wines from all wine regions of Italy! Besides the above-mentioned wines, the wine classics also include Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot and many others. Our purchasing department makes sure that only Italian winegrowers and wineries with first class wines of the highest quality are included in our assortment. Matching the many excellent wines of Italy, our wine shop offers grappa and Italian delicacies such as pasta, sugo, vinegar/aceto and extra virgin olive oil/olio di oliva. Have fun shopping online with SUPERIORE.DE!

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Ours is a wine shop specializing in online wine sales. It was born in November 1999 and was the first online wine shop in Italy to sell wine on the Web, a real point of reference in the world for all lovers of Italian wine.

After all Italy represents the best of the world wine scene and can boast a centuries-old tradition as well as a universal reputation. This is why we decided to focus on 100% Italian wines. Specifically, our online wine shop aims to raise awareness of the niche we like to define "the world of wine artisans": small, carefully selected producers who pay great attention to their territory and their products, giving life to real enological pearls. A world little known but that hides wines with a truly incredible value for money. Thanks to the relationships we have developed over the years with these wineries, we are able to guarantee the best prices: many wines are sold exclusively and at cellar price, namely the same price you would pay at the producer's cellar. We also sell only products we stock in our warehouse. In this way we can immediately respond to your requests, shipping your favorite wines very quickly.

At you can buy excellent Italian red wines online, such as Chianti, Barolo and Amarone, Italian white wines, such as Vermentino and Verdicchio, Italian rosé wines, Italian sparkling wines, such as Prosecco and Franciacorta and Italian dessert wines, such as Passito di Pantelleria. Visiting our wine shop you can learn about wineries that can give light to extraordinary wines. Among these, we want to mention the wines of Trentino Alto Adige by Elena Walch and Hofstätter, the Piedmontese wines of Rizieri, the best wines of Valpolicella of Novaia, the wines of Campania, from Taurasi to Fiano di Avellino, passing through Falanghina, without forgetting the Sicilian wines, among which the wines of Etna stand out. You will be able to fill your cellar with the best of Italy.

But don't forget your friends. If you intend to make a wine gift to a special person or on behalf of your company, in our online wine shop you will find everything you need: wines with customizable labels, gift boxes, magnums in wooden boxes, rare wines and custom greeting cards.

Easter is coming and, if you are reading this blog, you are probably struggling with organising the menu for the big lunch. Whether with family or friends, Easter becomes a time for conviviality where culinary traditions take centre stage. We have selected for you numerous wines, spirits and amari liqueurs that you can enjoy and pair with your favourite dishes.

And here we are, 7 years after that magical meeting and with a long-standing desire to attend one of the most iconic wine fairs, we set off to visit the Loire region and with two lines we would like to transport you and open a window of dialogue on this area.

All along Galli Enoteca wine shop, the beautiful scent of the best italian and international grapes. A story of an Italian family and his passion for white wines, red wines, rosé wines, Champagne and more, which is passed down from two generations. A story that was born with a real Italian wine shop (Enoteca) located in Senigallia in its historic city center, which thanks to the new generation is now the reference point for all wine lovers.

The wines, spirits (Rum, Gin, Whisky, Grappe, other spirits) Champagne, Fine Wines, regional wines such as Verdicchio, ecc ecc, are selected with passion and competence from small and not so known producers to bigger ones. Producers of wines that trasformed their passion into a profession, men and women that belive in what they do with no tricks, using traditional methods and respecting mother nature. We know all our wines one by one, to only recommend you the best.

The wine is a part of men's life from centuries. Can you believe that the first vines have been found three hundred milion years ago, while the first traces of cultivation were founded for the first time on the shore of the Caspian sea. We can say that wine is a part of our global cultural heritage. That is strange but true, this special and good fruit of the earth with his different shapes, colours, tastes and aromas is now the phenomenon of the online sales as well. On our eComemrce you will found a wide selection of wines carefully selected by our professinal sommeliers and a full telephone or e-mail assistance if you need further help or a quick tip to choose the right wine for your special moment. Please call us, It wiil be a pleasure to get to know you and guide you through our online wine shop 041b061a72


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