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[ ] VSDC Free Video Editor V6.3.5 [EXCLUSIVE]

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VSDC is available at two levels: Free and the $19.99 Pro edition. I tested the latter version, which is still far cheaper than most capable video editing software. This paid version adds support for more media types, advanced settings, hardware acceleration, sub-pixel resolution, and audio waveform editing. It also adds premium support, plus extra masking and green-screen capabilities. You can upgrade at any time by purchasing a license key and entering into the program; after a program restart, you'll have access to the Pro features. VSDC encourages free users to make a small donation to support the software.

That price is a deal compared with the enthusiast video editing software category, which normally hovers around the $100 price point. But you get far more polished interfaces and more cutting-edge tools for that higher cost. If you want a free option, check out the free, open-source Shotcut(Opens in a new window), which sports a more standard interface and some powerful editing tools.

VSDC's 360-degree (aka VR) video editing capabilities are extremely rudimentary: You can convert (rather imperfectly, in my testing) from 360 to 2D format. You can't choose the point of view by dragging the mouse around the preview window, as you can in pretty much every other 360-supporting editor. You need to open the Properties panel and enter numbers for X angle and Y angle. VSDC's 3D video support is similarly limited, though that tech has fallen out of favor.

For both more ease of use and power, check out our Editors' Choice-winning consumer video editing software, Corel VideoStudio and CyberLink PowerDirector on the PC. You may also consider the free but powerful, open-source Shotcut(Opens in a new window) video editor, which we're planning to review later this year.

Looking for a video converter for windows 10 and Mac Get the top 10 free video converters for Windows and Mac below. They can let you convert videos to or from AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and more.

It is recognized as the fastest free video converter for Windows (Windows 10 included). The conversion speed is 30 X faster than all the competitors. It can be used to convert AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and more. Even it can be used to download videos from video sites. The Premium version of this app has many advanced features without any limits.

Handbrake is one of the best free video converters many people use to manage their video files. The tool has a minimalist interface and provides the user with a secure ecosystem. After importing the video file on this tool for conversion, you can choose any video conversion preset for your convenience. By selecting a suitable preset, you can adjust your video file with any particular device for the best viewing quality.

This tool is one of the free video converters that provides promising output results after conversion. Without facing any restrictions, you can add your video files belonging to any file format. After uploading the file to this efficient tool, you can convert your current video file into more than 200 formats.

Freemake Video Converter comes across a complete tool for converting video files, audio formats, and images. Users can easily access this free online video converter for the conversion of their video, audio, and image files without losing their high quality. For video conversion, it shows great compatibility with more than 500 formats and takes minimum time in the process.

You can also save any particular part of the audio track or video frames on your device by making a separate file for them. Furthermore, it provides advanced export presets that allow the user to choose video resolution and format effortlessly. Thus, this is one of the free video converters that provides advanced options to generate exceptional outputs.

This free video converter lets you upload video files up to 4GB while preserving the original quality. The special thing about this software is that it constantly upgrades itself by u

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