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Buy Cheap Lanyards In Bulk

ID Wholesaler carries a full line of wholesale lanyards that are available in quantities ranging from as low as 10 lanyards per unit to 1000 lanyards. Custom lanyards in bulk are available in prices as low as $0.13 each. Some products have quantity discounts available for wholesale lanyards or large orders. In particular, custom bulk lanyards are significantly less expensive per lanyard when ordered in larger quantities.

buy cheap lanyards in bulk

The breakaway feature releases the lanyard from the neck when it's pulled, eliminating the risk of choking, as well as the risk of other bodily harm that can result from a lanyard getting caught in operating machinery. Breakaway lanyards are ideal for schools, childcare facilities, nursing homes, manufacturing facilities or factories, dental offices, or anywhere else safety is a priority.

ID&C is a lanyard supplier specializing in high-quality custom lanyards and blank lanyards for conferences and events. We offer low minimum orders of 25 pieces or bulk wholesale lanyards. All our lanyards can attach to a lanyard ID holder, making it easy to display event badges or ID cards.

We specialize in personalized, custom printed lanyards. Our custom lanyard designer lets you design your own lanyard in a few easy steps. Simply choose your preferred lanyard style and size, pick the colors, add custom text and logs. If you would rather we design them for you, we are happy to do so for free. Simply email us your artwork and we'll do the rest. ID&C uses high-quality printing processes including screen printing and dye-sublimation. We offer the highest quality finish for your lanyards, perfectly replicating your design, brand, and logos.

A lanyard is a strap worn around the neck that is often made from polyester material. Lanyards or 'neck straps' come with a clip that can be attached to different items like badge holders, badges, or badge reels. Many lanyards feature a breakaway connector that ensures the lanyard can come away freely from the neck if it becomes caught on something.

Lanyards can help secure badges and ID cards at conferences, parties, and entertainment venues, ensuring no unauthorized person enters the venue. Many events use different colored lanyards to identify vendors, organizers, and guests in the audience.

Modern hotels across the globe have switched from traditional keys to keycards to make hotel rooms secure and easily accessible for guests. Often hotels offer keycards attached with lanyards to guests to avoid misplacement of these keycards.

Choose your shipping options: Lastly, select the shipping method to receive the lanyards at your preferred address. Please note that we offer rush service on certain lanyards to ensure the order is delivered within 5-10 business days.

Check out our rush custom lanyards with quick turnaround available buy online. We offer rush order customized lanyards in 5 business days. Full Color or screen printed choose from a range of base colors and customize using our free lanyard design tool. Add a logo to your lanyard, text, and your choice of clips and attachments. When you need a lanyard rush order, ID&C has got your back!

Our premium badge holders are made of custom metal and are ideal for premium events. The lanyards (neck straps) can be supplied in a full-color satin, or screen printed polyester. The metal badge holder can be plain or custom engraved to match your brand. These badge holders are a premium level product, ideal for motorsport events, conventions, live music events, or any event looking to upgrade their VIP experience with elevated design and quality.

Lanyards are one of the most popular options for carrying and displaying ID cards and event badges. As such, lanyards are often customized with logos and used at events to distinguish between types of access or to display sponsor branding. Due to their soft material, lanyards are comfortable to wear and they easily stand out around your neck, helping others at conferences or in officers identify the lanyard wearer.

Show off your school spirit with solid color lanyards or get eye-catching designs so you won't forget them on the way out the door. We offer a variety of lanyards to fit your specific needs. Need something with a more secure latch because you may be active with the lanyard? We have that! Are you planning a one-time-use event and need bulk lanyards for designating areas, groups or event entry? We have options for that, too!

Keep track of students when you go on field trips with a number of our brightly-colored lanyards with secure latch to hold individual nametags or badges. Lanyards in bulk are ideal for field trips and summer camps so you know which group the lanyard wearer is supposed to be in, and you can reuse them for each field trip while having extras for those pieces that get lost.

From kindergarten graduations to high school graduations, make sure you gift your students our graduation lanyards. We have "class of" lanyards that come in a variety of colors so you can pick up those that fit your school colors. Hand them out at the beginning of the year, so they can use them throughout the year or use them as graduation gifts.

At Oriental Trading we have your needs in mind when we bring in products. We know that one size does not fit all and that's why we have an expanded assortment of a variety of school essentials, including lanyards. We add new designs and styles to keep up with changing needs. Keep browsing this site for all of your classroom and school supply needs at low prices.

With the new school year comes new challenges related COVID-19. We offer a large section of mask lanyards for kids. Lanyards will help kids keep track of their mask and off the ground. Shop for individual lanyards or bulk qualities if you need more!

Custom lanyards are practical and useful giveaways for any business event. Available in multiple colors and styles, shop promotional lanyards personalized with your logo or message. Buy wholesale lanyards and save with our Guaranteed Low Prices!

Our custom lanyards are made using the highest quality materials for comfort and durability. This means, no matter what you use your lanyards for, you know they will last. Here are some of the materials we use in the creation of our lanyards:

Our large selection of lanyards and badge holders come with a choice of clips, bulldog rings or plastic pouches to suit your business or personal requirements. Our sturdy metal clips make it easy for you to attach keys, ID cards and badges, while our colorful designs encourage you to create a truly stand-out promotional item.

You can order custom lanyards online by working with a promotional products distributor. Available in bulk, these lanyards are made from soft polyester or nylon and typically come with your design, text, or logo printed in full color.

As the UK's leading supplier of Lanyards, our product range is ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes. We design, print and supply thousands of lanyards each month, ranging from plain lanyards, pre-printed lanyards and personalised lanyards. All of our Lanyards can be easily attached to ID card holders, allowing the user to display a photo ID card easily. Whether you need to identify staff, visitors & contractors on-site, promoting a conference, events or festival, we can help. If you are unsure of the print process, types, sizes and colours available, then scroll down below to read our in-depth lanyard guide for more help.

Generally speaking, our plain and pre-printed lanyards come in one solid colour. If opting for a personalised lanyard, then our satin polyester & dye-sub range allows you to add as many as conceivable. For screen-print and woven options, we advise on opting for a maximum of 4-5 colours.

If you need them in a hurry we offer same day, and next working day delivery on all stock items, which includes our range of plain and pre-printed Lanyards, if ordered before 2pm. For our personalised lanyards, we offer a three, five and ten day Life Saver service, upon approval of artwork.

Digital ID are our main suppliers for schools lanyards and staff ID cards. Customer sales and service has always been thorough and excellent, as well as their Digital team. Communication is very good. Our sales contact Lawson and designer Marcin are very good. Would definitely recommend.

We Are Pride Wholesale is an exciting place for LGBTQ products at low wholesale prices. Whether buying in bulk to resell at PRIDE Parades or your online store, our high quality gay pride merchandise is in stock and ships the same day.

Building brand awareness and enhancing visibility of your brand name will be easier with our Custom Lanyards. As marketing tools, they will draw attention of potential customers as your company representatives, staff, and personnel wear them! Event attendees, guests and visitors will be able to easily identify who to approach if the employees are formally dressed for communication. By displaying professionalism, custom branded lanyards are going to show the credentials for patrons who want to connect to your business. As great marketing tools, they will generate publicity for your brand or organization at fundraisers, exhibitions, educational conferences, business meetings, political campaigns, and concert events. The custom made printed lanyards will serve as miniature billboards around neck of recipients to create exposure at promotional campaigns and formal settings. As proper identification tools, they will make your representatives look formal, professional, smart, and presentable as they approach potential clients. Particularly at service booths, the staff wearing custom branded lanyards will draw attention of patrons and VIP guests. We have several types of close ended lanyards, double ended lanyards or open ended lanyards, and detachable lanyards. Our custom made printed lanyards types include full color lanyards, polyester lanyards, tube lanyards, nylon lanyards, glitter lanyards, woven lanyards, short wrist lanyards, double clip lanyards, and ID badge reel full color lanyards. Among blank or in-stock lanyards, you will find polyester lanyards, cord lanyards, double clip lanyards, rhinestone lanyards, tube lanyards, nylon lanyards, safety breakaway lanyards, and blank glitter lanyards. Our assortments of lanyard accessories include ID badge reels, zip badge holders, pre-printed badge holders, plastic badge holders, metal necklace ball chains, full color printed PVC cards, vertical badge holders, armband badge holders, elastic cords for badge holders, and premium PU card holders. Besides, you can add custom paper inserts, plastic buckle, buckle release, or safety breakaway according to your convenience. Thus, customize your own lanyards for creating branding opportunities and building confidence among staff. Wearing promotional lanyards will boost your brand visibility to customers! 041b061a72


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