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Confusion In The Land Where Air Is Water _TOP_

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Two companies of U. S. troops, who had just arrived from New Mexico, were having their horses herded in Kern river valley. When the shock occurred, the men in charge were around their camp fires in the morning. It very unceremoniously tipped over their coffee pots, their camp kettles, and themselves also. Upon looking at the river, they were astonished to see Kern river running upstream. Large trees were uprooted, and in the language of some who were thar, "all creation seemed to be going into one eternal smash." The water in Tulare Lake was upheaved to an unknown height, and large quantities of fish were thrown upon its banks, where they have remained.

Figure 12. Flow diagram for validation data production. (A) The Google Earth image. (B) The results of vectorization, where the purple line is the garlic cropland boundary. (C) The results for identifying the attributes of the vector polygon. (D) The raster converted from the vector polygon. 1e1e36bf2d


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