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Car Thief 6: Night Crime - The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Car Thief

your own decisions drive the story forward. choosing your line of work, and who you become along the way, will make you more powerful or more likely to get caught. this system of branching pathways produces dozens of possible endings in the original game. without releasing the game online, rockstar may be able to avoid spoilers. after all, rockstar didn't release a spoiler warning.

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the game was announced at e3 2013. at the time, rockstar said: "players will follow a new hero throughout a huge and open world, choosing how to rob and what to steal." then, in november 2015, the gta v story details were released in a rather.. visible way. it seemed like rockstar really wanted to satisfy all of gta players and not just the ones that preferred gta iv and gta v. gta: online wasn't ready, so the single player story was released. rockstar didn't want to spoil that one.

the first details of the game show that the miami project is there. rockstar calls it the city of vice and you'll be taking the role of the kleptomaniac, starting out as a petty thief but moving on to take part in more organised affairs. part of the city is called liberty city, so that would be a great excuse for the game to take place in new york city. then, if the plot unfolds as is rumored, a modern-day nazi plot takes place in a dystopian future. if that's what happens, that would be a great excuse to use los santos, a modern version of los angeles, as one of the game's cities.

in the end, where the game takes place depends on the decisions of the player. you can explore all the places and do all the missions the game has to offer. you can steal cars, planes, boats, autos, you can liberate liberty city from the mafia, you can run through docks and streets, and you can do whatever you want. but if you decide not to commit one crime, or you decide to only steal from stores that sell wooden blocks, you'll miss out on a big part of what makes a thief.


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