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Phoca Download BEST File Module Nulled

Component Phoca Download is a small file Manager that allows you to post on their page files for further downloading. Includes module and plugins. The interface allows you to quickly create an archive file, a link to the download can be placed directly in the article. You can create a structured system, but this technology is available in many extensions of this type.

Phoca Download File Module Nulled

If the administrator plans to develop the site into a file, but can not determine the choice, then you are perfect component Phoca Download. This extension is intuitive and easy to use. Its key advantage is the ability to establish a direct link to download the archived file.

A convenient interface allows you to create categories and subcategories, placing them in the correct part of the site. There is a parameter allowing to organize the voting (poll), by attaching it to the file. You can view the file in PDF format (images). A downloadable file is reproduced in the format of FLV, MP3, browser. There is the possibility to put archives directly on the server. This Joomla extension has a system access control lists (ACL), it allows you to restrict access to the file. For example, to download can only registered users. There are special plugins for Russification and create buttons in a text editor. Available output module archive category. The project is constantly evolving, providing new updates and features.

Add Possibility to search file with Smart search in Joomla 4Add Possibility to track download, preview file using Google analyticsAdd Permission to upload file(s) on frontendFix Upload file(s) issue on frontendFix Missing OneDrive files in the latest files moduleFix OneDrive Business sync issue on front-endFix Missing restrict single user checking when downloading file

Add OneDrive Business: Synchronize files from OneDrive to JoomlaAdd OneDrive Business: Synchronize files from Joomla to OneDriveFix Missing language stringFix File name issue when downloading file categoryFix Download file with single user accessFix Insert into article using DropEditor

Add New design for Dropfiles file search moduleFix Error when go in System -> Global configuration -> DropfilesFix Search engine: do not allowed to enter tags that do not existFix Only display remote file input in right panel if it's a remote file

Add Possibility to track user downloads (option needs to be turned On)Add Frontend: Add a button to download all the files from a category as a .zipAdd Download selected file on frontend

Add Columns setting for the default layoutFix Missing file video.js for preview media fileFix Phocadownload categories tree in import toolFix Reloading page with hash in tree theme not working

Add Add Item ID to Dropfiles search moduleFix Search in file description when WYSIWYG text editor enabledFix Back to previous page problem in front-end files manage pageFix Translate problem for some notify in files manage page

Add Use Webhook to sync with Google Drive in real timeAdd Google Drive legacy synchronization (new method require Google Search Console validation)Add Update to Google Drive SDK V3 and remove SDK V2Add Button to On/Off Google Drive push notificationAdd Notify popup about other sync progress is runningAdd Possibility to select multiple users for single file accessFix jDownload file importerFix File old version download and restore

Add Using PHPCS to make standard definitionsFix Preview files in new tab and lightbox problemFix Upload file version for OneDriveFix Dropbox synchronization progress issueFix Permission (access) not applied on search resultsFix Send duplicate email to additional email when file downloaded

Fix Category drag and drop problemFix Search OneDrive filesFix Wrong date format in latest files moduleFix Can not preview on category with special charactersFix Update handlebars to v4.1.0Fix Cloud files not displayed on JCE editor link button

Fix Auto sync for OneDriveFix Add animate when select a categoryFix Table layoutFix Public group download permission on new installFix Nestable2 problem on FirefoxFix Missing view on dropfiles modal on create article in frontendFix Addslashes on tags listFix Deleting a category doesn't reload tree view

Fix Import from Phocadownload return wrong parent category idFix CSS search results navigationFix Wrong parameters order in searchFix Mising allowed ext and download button on frontviewFix Download all in file listing from a menu not workingFix fix css file manage not workFix Fix preview mp3 file can't play backFix Fix selectall in List Files menutype not working

Fix Download file in frontend management view doesn't workFix Missing download button in the upload files viewFix Button save article don't work on front-end if Dropfiles search module is loaded

Fix Grey out unpublished file issue in files management on front-endFix Missing language constantFix Change file size unit to uppercaseFix Import from Phoca downloadFix Duplicate search result when using Google Drive integration

Fix Dropfiles options page broken when using an old version (1.9.x) of jDownload componentFix Wrong modified date and created date of the files in Google Drive and DropboxFix Some categories don't appear in the category parameter in Listing file menuFix Wrong ordering files in latest file module

Fix eDocman mass import issueFix Download link color parameter in table layout don't applyFix Sorting files does not apply in front-end file managementFix Search issue and get all tags functionFix Some issues in module latest files ordering

Add Phoca Download file importerAdd New file access option in user group permission: View Only or View and DownloadAdd From frontend, if allowed (logged in) display a Manage Files buttonAdd Direct download option on themes that open popup to download filesAdd Dedicated module to load: Latest files uploaded, updated plus ordering options

Fix Double click on tree theme load files twiceFix Category name lengh in backend cropFix Inherited access from parent categoryFix Restricted download file with user group from search engineFix Search file with user group limitationFix Sync Dropbox

Add Notification system: possibility to notify users on file upload, remove, edit, downloadAdd Notification admin user, to custom Email and file ownerAdd Tag for custom notification Email content: file name, file category, website URL, usernameAdd Custom icon on files with automatic thumbnailAdd Close button for media preview

Add Edit update/creation dateAdd File publication state and dateAdd Add an upload form with predefined category for uploadAdd Category view restriction per Joomla user group, not just access levelAdd Possibility to edit remote download files informationAdd Google Drive files index in database for speed display in listing and search viewsAdd Add link to preview a file when it's inserted as a single fileAdd Add download statistics dashboard with graph, filter by date, category and files

Add Ability to download files from backendAdd Support popup in backendAdd Description column show/hide optionFix Reduce right column sizeFix Full table responsive supportFix Error in ajax request in some configurations

Add Google Drive integrationAdd Apply theme per categoryAdd Joomla backend ordering with drag'n dropAdd Frontend/backend ordering by type, title, description, size, date, version & hitAdd Save ordering for frontendAdd Redesigned backend UXAdd File update backup (versionning)Add Column display filterAdd Joomla ACL integration enhancement to limit access by group and actionAdd Google drive viewerAdd SEO URL respecting the path to files with prefix configurationAdd Load category accordion open or closed by defaultAdd Update notification in backendAdd Joomla search pluginAdd Allow HTML in file description fieldAdd Load back the current dropfiles category by clicking on editor buttonAdd Set the server max_upload to the server max value by defaultAdd Possibility to change the php download function

Get the most powerful yet easiest download manager for Joomla. Create and order file categories using drag'n drop, then load a category or a single file directly in your content. Dropfiles brings you many professional features to manage files: 1-click ordering, 4 responsive themes, full-text search engine, comprehensive download access limitation, download statistics, file backup and much more!

Dropfiles download manager comes with 4 themes included in the extension, but there are not just themes! They change the way you make your files available to your customers. The system is also extremely flexible because you can apply a theme per category of files if you like. Furthermore, each theme can be set up differently for each file category!The themes included in the download manager are:

When you manage files, you may have to setup download access for users, and it's always complex to do so. In Dropfiles, we've used Joomla native ACL in a smart way. Manage file visibility with a single click from the category or from a single download. For the document management, define allowed actions rules based on actions (who is allowed to update, delete, edit, edit own files or even download it). Furthermore, it's possible to restrict the access to a file or a file category to a selection of Joomla users.


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