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Transsexual Cartoon

And I don't know whether it's a time issue or a space issue or a crack in your funny bone that you decide not to air - to brush as they print some of these cartoons. We love them here at the BPP. You know what? We reap the benefits. Let's get to the Friday funnies: Rejected New Yorker cartoons.

transsexual cartoon


STEWART: All right, Eric. Now, this is your first time going through one of these experiences. You know, we had these dramatic re-enactments of your cartoons, these audio re-enactments because it's radio and nobody can see him. Jacob? Please?

Mr. LEWIS: Has there been? I actually did a cartoon that featured a transvestite in The New Yorker before, so I know that boundary has been broken. I had a guy in a bar, sort of a very rough-looking guy, but he is wearing a dress, you know, downing a beer. And he is talking to his buddy saying, I think I'm turning into my father.

STEWART: So everybody, we're going to put up the few cartoons on our Web site, in our blog, Yes - probably the only place in NPR where you can see transvestite Eskimos and Martha Stewart accompanied by the devil.

Having a special item that turns a regular person into a superhero has been a part of comics, movies and television shows. With SheZow, the new cartoon on The Hub network, there is a new twist to the old way of getting super powers.

As recently as last year, the Archie comic book characters were in a story called Reversedale where they switched genders in an alternative universe. This is the first cartoon of its kind to be on television and can help improve ideas of gender identification. When people see the show is just a silly comic adventure, and not intended to offend anyone, it should help people understand that what someone wears has nothing to do with how dynamic they can be. There are a couple dozen episodes prepared for everyone to enjoy and laugh with.

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