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Omkara 720p Hd Movie

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Omkara 720p Hd Movie

Omkara had a fairly good performance at the box office in India and earned critical acclaim all over. The movie grossed $16,466,144 worldwide in its total run at the box office. Even though the movie received rave reviews, the dark theme and strong language kept away family audiences.[13] It was, however, a grand success abroad. The film quickly entered the UK's Top 10 and did very well in Australia, South Africa and the United States.

All the dialogues in the film are delivered in a strong input of the Khariboli dialect other than Hindi, including the use of swear words, generally absent from mainstream Hindi cinema. The movie received an A Certificate from the censor board of India. Critics and audiences were divided in their opinions about the foul language. Many believed that it was not required and would lead to distancing the movie from the family audience,[17] while some applauded it for authentically showing the rustic setting of the story. The language and A certificate narrowed the audience but in turn brought accolades for the creators of the movie for valuing creativity over commercial success. 1e1e36bf2d


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