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Wolfenstein The New Order Torrent Download !!INSTALL!!

The Wolfenstein New Order Reloaded torrent is a 43 GB torrent file which holds the Wolfenstein New Order game. This game has just been released by the Bethesda gaming company. The torrent file which can be found on the Kickass torrents website, currently has 3732 active seeders and 4730 active leechers. Cybercriminals and hackers are using infected torrent files to infect unaware users which want to download a specific torrent file.

Wolfenstein The New Order Torrent Download

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Actually-a-legitimate-news-site TorrentFreak revealed the sad plight of these swindlers, many of whom lamented how long it would take to download The New Order's 43.65GB file size. Some commenters went as far to say that instead of waiting to illegally obtain the game for free, they opted to just pay up so they could start playing in a fraction of the time. This is no doubt a vocal minority in the thousands of Wolfenstein pirates, but it's amusing to think that the sheer inconvenience of a fresh torrent persuaded would-be thieves into doing the right thing.

In fact, if Bethesda purposely inflated Wolfenstein's file size to dissuade pirates, that isn't really a great fix either. (To be clear: I by no means think this to be the case, but it is theoretically possible). Sure, a few torrenters lose their tempers and buy the game out of sheer frustration. But PC gamers who actually paid for Wolfenstein would be suffering for the anti-piracy measures just the same, forced to endure a longer download and potentially wasted hard drive space.

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Wolfenstein is probably the most unusual series of shooters telling about the events of the Second World War. The fact is that here the confrontation between the Nazis and the Allies takes place in a parallel universe, in which the former, thanks to occultism and a breakthrough in science, were able to win and take over the whole world. The Wolfenstein series can be downloaded from our website via torrent for free and without registration right now.

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